I’m no Lady GaGa for sure but what do you think?

Hi all,

I just wanted to take a small break and ask you all if you would like the following to happen:

1. I take the show to shorter but more frequent updates? Bi-weekly?
2. Moving from audio to video as the new format?

Please drop me a line at @geektechlive on Twitter or email me at geek (at) geektechlive (dot) com and tell me your thoughts. You can also take advantage of the disqus commenting system below this post to let your thoughts be heard,

I will mention the first five lucky people in the podcast so get your votes into me ASAP!


Cali Lewis Reviews the IPad on Geekbrief.tv

Cali is the reason I started my Podcast and why I chose Mevio to host the podcast for me. Her show hit the Internet over 740+ episodes ago and she was almost an overnight sensation. Interestingly enough she is still garnering some huge audiences and still can captivate listeners. Geekbrief.tv is the very model of how a show should be produced if you ask me.  She can be found on Twitter at Http://twitter.com/calielewis so you can  follow all her updates. Thanks Cali , for all the great content!

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