Hey you Apples Get off My lawn!

Maybe I am getting a bit old. maybe I am growing up. I sure hope not. I had the realization of this today. I don’t care about the new Ipad or Iphone. I just don’t. They could revolutionize my life as I know it but I really don’t see how. Don’t get me wrong though. I love my Iphone and Ipad and even my [amazon_link id=”B003G2ZJTG” target=”_blank” ]Macbook[/amazon_link]. I just for some reason don’t want to replace them with a new model. I think my consumerism gene must have gotten switched off by accident.

I used to get all excited to see the unveiling of the new apple products of the year. I fear that unfortunately Apple has fallen prey to the same things as most hugely successful companies do mediocrity. A small company fights the odds and wins and slowly grows to a monolithic,  stop the cantina player when walking into the bar company and decides whether by choice or by chance to rest on its laurels. Every time I see that happen I get bored with them.  I want revolutionary! I want huge leaps in technology! I want my flying car Goddammit! ahem….

What I am trying to say here is that while I am interested in seeing this new Iphone and Ipad I don’t think there will be any revolutionary new whizbang tech that is gonna make me sit up and take notice. So what the IPad gets a retina display and a camera. Am I really going to take my Ipad to the park to take pictures or my perfectly good Iphone? Or will I just pack up my DSLR and take that to the park and do my HDR photography in [amazon_link id=”B003B32B2I” target=”_blank” ]photoshop[/amazon_link]? I think the [amazon_link id=”B002NEGTU6″ target=”_blank” ]DSLR[/amazon_link] actually, thank you.

There are some days where technology is difficult to keep up with and then there are days like today where I want to get out and give it a big push to get it going again. What do you think? Are you excited about the new Apple Tech? What new tech gets your blood a pumping and the drool spilling? Drop a comment below and let me know!

Blogging is not dead. Its just a flesh wound

I just fired up Techmeme.com a few moments ago while waiting on a conference call to call me back. I blinked twice at the headlines of “Blogging Wanes as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter”. I nearly did a double take.

I pour a lot of my time and energy into my Podcast and creating a (hopefully) quality and fun product you can either gain some knowledge from or just laugh at and get some enjoyment out of a middle age guy trying to be nerdy and hip at the same time. Part of the show is not just the links to the mp3 and now videos. This URL at GeekTechLive.com I want to be your one stop shop for finding out whats rolling around in that vast ( because of the air) noggin of mine.  It was because of this that my heart nearly sunk all the way to my feet as I read that Blogs are dead…. Oh well Pack er in boys! Looks like I’m done.

Or am I?

On further study of the article I noticed a few points that should come to mind even if you don’t have a copy of  “how to lie with statistics” lying around for reference material. Most of the article is focusing on the youth of the world not blogging much anymore and doing more BookFacing and Tweetering and playing loud music and doing donuts on lawns, whatever that is. When I was in there “target crowd”  of  12-17 (here is where I date myself) I had more important things to do than Blog or game or chat up people I don’t know on Twittering BookFace. In fact there was no Internet and I usually was outside “doing” something.  Along comes solid state though and we all move indoors where its safe.

The thing is that if you read this article and assume that the Headline is inflammatory and meant to grab you you are right. The Times is right that the 12-17 crowd is more digitally social now and less blogified. But like I said, I was that age once and I was lazy at that age and If I had the choice of writing what I am writing now or summing it down to 140 characters I would be tweeting something like “Bl0ggin is Ded LOLz, chk out Times Article! LOLZ”. so there. I get it , but don’t go and over simplify the picture. As it turns out the full study done on blogging ends up showing that overall  young adults are doing less but people in the 30+ category (i.e. me) are actually doing more.

So Blogging is not Dead… its just a flesh wound.

Based in part on my reading of the Tech Meme Article on “Blogs wane and the young drift to sites like Twitter” here http://techme.me/BC0F