A Month of Empire Avenue and I’m not at Pirillo level what gives?

Ok, So its been at least a month now since I joined Empire Avenue as the Podcast and started to show how active I really am in the Social Media sphere (SoMe for short). At first I had really thought how much could I possibly get out of this “game” and how much good could it actually do? So I played the Game and Invested and chatted and posted and pretty much felt like I could not keep up with the Joneses as the big names like Chris Pirillo and other ilk were well on their way to Stock Market Stardom.

Then I realized something. People like Chris Pirillo ALREADY had  a huge following. While I was slogging in the 9 to 5 business world of Information Technology, People like Chris Pirillo, Leo Laporte and others were building their online presence in other ways and EmpireAvenue.com is just another very great way to aggregate and show their contributions to Social media, new Media outlets and just general helping of the rest of the world to understand that Technology doesn’t just drive businesses, it drives every part of every interaction that we do. From an email to buying groceries.

When I stopped trying to play catch up on Empire Avenue and started to meet new people and interact online more as well as meet new people and just plain chat about hobbies, likes, dislikes etc.. on Empire Avenue things changed. All of a sudden people started to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, invest in me on Empire Avenue. I was invited to join a group. I found a couple of new Flickr groups and found new friends there. I even was able to find some new products that I will be reviewing on the podcast shortly.

And that gets me to the Podcast…

Yes. I have been away for some time. There were some outside influences that wanted me to change how I ran the show, change the format, change the name even. In the end and after thinking about this long and hard. I dont care what they think. Geek Tech Live is here to stay and stay the way I have been doing it. Its obvious to me now that if I am just being me and putting myself out into the social media space that not everyone will like the show, or even like what I have to say. I’m not in it to make everyone love me. The people I have found though just by being me and sticking to my principles have definitely made me aware that I have Talent and drive and I may not ever be a Pirillo or Laporte but If I am me and I can bring some new thoughts to light and maybe get people excited about a topic then I am just as good as a Laporte or Pirllo in my book.

See you in a few Days for the next Exciting Episode of GEEKTECHLIVE Podcast!