Geek Tech Live 110 Boxee Box winner, BlackMagic Intensity, Verizon IPhone

In this episode, I announce the Boxee Box winner, talk about the BlackMagic Intensity Pro and Verizon Iphone. 

Hi everyone and welcome to Episode 110 of Geek Tech Live. I am still having some issues with the live feed and the Ustream broadcast ended up not streaming my audio when i was showing my desktop or pictures. I figured out what was wrong but unfortunately that means you are stuck with an audio only feed this week. You can if you want start playing the Ustream video and start the audio podcast to see if you can sync them up but its probably for the better if you just listen to the audio bradcast below. I will eventually knock the kinks out of the Ustream broadcast but until then you can always just use your ear holes. 

I have tried to fix the video in post by using the audio from the podcast overlay-ed on the video and if it all works I will attach the new video to this post. 

Without Further Ado  Episode 110 of Geek Tech Live! 

The winner of the Magical Boxee Box contest is Chris Miller! Congrats Chris! I will be emailing you shortly to set up shipping arraignments. 

MP3 of Podcast for SmartPhones 


Geek Tech Live Ep110 mp3 file 

video redub 

Geek Tech Live Ep110 video Dub 

Geek Tech Live Ep110 video Dub 


Black Magic Intensity Pro for Ustream. My answer?

As you all know I have slowly gotten actually well, Live on Ustream. I have been trying to find a way that I could stream a better feed from a better cam while not actually boxing myself in so to speak. I run both Mac and PC and if the show starts taking off I will be wanting to get a Mac Pro desktop tower for video editing and other stuff in addition to my PC and Macbook Pro I use currently for streaming and Podcast recording.

After a long journey looking at all the angles I think the Black Magic Intensity Pro PCIe card is my best option and probably yours too if you have or are thinking of getting a set up similar to me. Here is why. The card is Mac or PC compatible so i can pull it out and use it on either platform with no issues. beyond that, it seems the Black Magic Intensity Pro card will take any input and allow me to stream it flawlessly. It even has inputs for HDMI.

Why is that a cool thing? Well, like I said I did a bunch of research and looked at a lot of cameras. Traditionally a lot of people are using DV or miniDV camcorders like the Canon HV20 or HV30 or even the HV40. These work on the principle that your laptop or desktop will have a firewire port and you can hook the camera up to the firewire port, switch it to camera mode and you have a high quality webcam with great optics. Here is the downside, MiniDV Prosumer camcorders like the canon hv40 are being discontinued as the new wave of tech using HDMI or component and flash drives to record your video are dominating. The pro camcorders being introduced still can utilize Firewire but when the starting price is at 1k to 2k its a bit out of the picture for me for a show that I make zero cash on.

In comes HD as well to complicate matters. the HV20 through HV40 line from Canon can do HD and there are Pro cameras as well but for an even more crazy price. Streaming in HD to Ustream could just make things more complicated but I like the flexibility of being able to upgrade the stream without having to buy a new camcorder. Unfortunately that means that I am looking at the Canon HV40 as my best bet  if i want to stay Firewire, a expensive Pro camcorder for 2k+ or one of the new HDMI  Prosumer Camcorders with no Firewire.


The BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro actually is my holy grail so to speak. like I said it allows me to use any number of inputs composite, component and even HDMI in which will allow me to use a whole host of new camcorders. I can also still get any FireWire camcorder since my PC and Mac both have FireWire if I feel like it. Since I am not shelling out 1k for a new camcorder … yet. I think this PCIe capture card is the way to go for me. For $189 bucks you cant really argue with it. The price of the card and the cost of a new or even used camcorder will still be under 1k easily.

So do you have a BlackMagic Intensity Pro? If you do I would love to hear your input and I will make sure your posts make it into the Live broadcast at 9am Saturday Morning on Ustream.

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I have a podcast… Podcasts are cool.

I have a podcast… Podcasts are cool. So are Stetsons and Bow-ties. 😉

So, I have been podcasting now for 109 episodes. I have never yet had to answer this question but I know a few people
may be thinking it. “why should I be listening to chris? What’s his background?”. Firstly, to everyone who has stuck with me and become an avid listener, thanks! For all you new listeners and readers, sit back and enjoy the show. So, what makes me an “expert”? First of all I don’t really believe in that word. I would rather say I am passionate for technology in all it’s forms. From a digital display that monitors my saltwater reef tank with embedded web server to my canon 7D it really doesn’t matter what the tech is I can’t get enough of it.

My day job is in Information Technology and my job is to engineer new solutions often from very different sides of
technology. I provide solutions and I have been doing this for over 14 years. I started in Helpdesk and honestly have worked my way up to where I am today just by learning talking and loving computers and related technology. On a side note the original show was going to be called “talking tech” but it was already grabbed by a domain squatter. 🙁

My first electronic device I remember is Pong. Then came a TI 99/4a and Atari, followed by a PC jr and so on up to today. The list is quite ginormous and I probably should do a separate post of all the stuff I have had over the years. That would be cool. Along the way to here I geeked out on D&D, Basic programming, electronics, photography and the web. In college I originally was a biology major and when I was told by the computer lab sysadmin that I logged as much time as him online and I was the only non-compsci major with a web page I was kindly asked to change majors. This was just when Gopher was slowly being replaced by the Mosaic browser. It was only natural I would end up working on computers as my daily life.

So basically what I am trying to do here on the show is to inform, educate and mostly just chat about the technology I love.The show is just an extension of my love of talking about technology to anyone that will listen to me. Also, If I can help out someone in deciding on a technology decision I am the happiest little nerd in the bunch. And that’s why I think you should listen to me and tell your friends, mom, boss, sister and brother to listen to me. And if you or they have a tech question, send them to me at talktech (at) or when I am recording the podcast live hit the “Live Geek” link above jump into the live chat and ask me during the show. I’ll give you my undivided attention and hopefully we can both learn something.
Cheers Chris