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Health Gadgets!

So, I got a cold a few days ago and I had even lost my voice there for the last few days. I was worried about not being able to even record a podcast on schedule for this week. It got me to thinking about all the health related Gadgets that are out right now and so once my voice came back I grabbed a few gadgets to share with you all. Below are the list as they appear in the podcast:


I talked a bit about this as my second episode of was all about me using it. I signed up for a 14 week fitness training course at my local gym. part of the course wasto use the bodybugg to help lose weight and track progress.  Please listen to my original podcast back at episode 2 for all the details but I will say this. It definitely made losing the weight easy.

BodyFat Scales

body fat scales

I think these are great for checking your progress on a diet or excercise plan. they arent as precise as the body bugg style of trackers but they definitely should show your your progress on a daily basis. I had one i used for a long time and i definitely found them to be a good replacement after I stopped the body bugg program. the link above will take you to the amazon market place showing all the body fat scales available.

Head spa Massager

What can I say? I cant help but find some wacky, odd and just weird health gadgets.  Take a look at the below “product demonstration” for the HealthCare Head Spa Massager. All I can say is thank gosh its discontinued!

I really dont know what to think of this item.

head massager

I am scared to ask if anyone bought them. they just dont look fun, or even enjoyable or on that point… relaxing. I think I would be mroe stressed out using it than not using it. These are the things that can scar our youth.  click on the above link for more info on this device.

Wireless toothbrush camera

wireless toothbrush camera

You have been to the Dentist where they take photos of your teeth to show you trouble spots? well now you can do this at home and look for your self! I do think this has merit for making kids brush as they can watch after wards on the TV and see the inside of their mouths close up. so all in all not a bad idea…. kooky. but not bad.

MintPass Talking Dumbells

mintpass talking dumbells

This is one of more interesting and creative concepts to come out of Korea for health. you cant buy these YET but one can only imagine that they will be available soon. and maybe even hook up directly into the Wii ? nah… life cant be that cool. or could it?

GoWear Fit

gowear fit

If you have watched “the biggest loser” at all you might have seen the contestants wearing something that looked like the body bugg pictured  at the beginning of this post. well, you would be wrong.  they are actually wearing the GoWear Fit which you can buy at Amazon for 180 US dollars.

Lastly there is the

Roll Charger

Roll Charger

Ok so how do you get a Zen, Eco friendly workout and still be able to charge those AA batteries for your Xbox controller? The Roll Charger thats how!!

Just put the AA or AAA batteries in the balls and roll them around in your palm. The Balls stimulate pressure points in your hands to relieve tenison and get you to the Zen like state… which you are going to need when you pop out the fully charged batteries to get ready for some Modern Warfare 2 Action! yah!

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I was fortunate to come across Danny Brown (@DannyBrown on twitter) from following another expert in the social media arena @GrantGriffiths . Danny Brown has started an article named 7 days to turn your blog into a social media hub and I think he has some great advice. Your mileage may vary of course but for all us budding blogger and pod-casters trying to get more readers or listeners any advice is welcome if you ask me. As of this writing he is on day two… and has the following topics up to read:

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The Day Zero Post is below so start there and let the learning begin! Thanks Danny!

Subject Alternative Name SSL keys

Well I learned something new today about Subject Alternative Name SSL certificates. Don’t know what a SAN certificate is?
A Subject Alternative Name SSL certificate is similar to a wild card certifiate in that you can secure multiple domains with only one ip and one certificate. So a wild card certificate domain looks like * That will cover anything under that primary domain.
A Subject Alternative Name certificate does the same concept but it alls you to specify the URL and the primary doman can be different. An example of this is

Three primary domains all with different secondary domains all on the same certificate and the primary domain alone as well. All those can be put on a SAN certificate. Max names I have found allowed was 20 URL’s per certificate from verisign and their managed pki services.

Here is where it gets odd.
If you read thru most of the documentation you can google, all of it references only using SAN certs for exchange server or internally for live communication server etc.

The trickto getting the certificate to be created and work in iis is to just generate a CSR for one of the sites then when you are requesting your key you add in the additional Subject Alternative Names and presto chango! Your certificate covers all those url’s.

I hope I helped a bit to explain how you can use Subject Alternative Name certificates in your webservers.


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