Geek Tech Live 75 Gears of War 2, Iphone 4.0 and Android Chevy Volt app?

Welcome again to Geek Tech Live where “you get two servings of Geek Twice a week!”

in this episode:

  • Gears of War 2 Update lots of new stuff
  • Iphone 4.0 SDK is released
  • Android app for the Chevy Volt? Awesome!

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Gears of War 2 Update… lots of new stuff

If you are a fan of Gears of War 2 you are going to love this latest update. This latest update is actually number 6 in the continuing awesomeness that is Gears of War 2 ( GOW2) . Gamers rejoice! here are some of the highlights of the release notes found on GOW2 site.

  • The update adds a new public multiplayer match option called Social Xbox LIVE (aka player matches), open to anyone who owns all downloadable maps (that is, All Fronts Collection).
  • You can join Social Matches in progress and can quit any time without penalty, although players who quit a match early don’t receive earned experience (XP) from that match.
  • Adds the ability to join Horde sessions that are in progress.
    • In Social Horde, you can join a session in progress through matchmaking and you are able to continue your session from the last wave you failed without starting over.
    • In Ranked Horde, you can join a session in progress only through invites.
    • If you join a session in progress, at the end of the session you receive the score you achieved during the time you spent in the session.
    • Improves the precision of weapon selection using the D-pad.
    • Improves client-side hit detection for ballistic weapons.

And a whole host of Exploit fixes are also packaged in the Title update 6 . The whole update will be released in a few weeks so dont fret its on its way soon.

Iphone 4.0 Beta SDK is released again

Yup you guess it had to come sooner or later. the IPhone SDK is finally here for download for developers.  Apple released yet one more Beta to developers.  This is the Fourth Beta so far and only for the Eyes of Apple Developers. if you didnt fork over the cash to make Iphone apps you are gonna have to wait a bit longer or find a friend who did spent the tidy sum to become a developer. Based on the history of Apple Betas a final build will be nearing soon. What does this all mean for you and me? well not much other than a glimpse that Apple is gearing up for the 4.0 OS and eventual Iphone Roll out very soon. it will be interesting to see how much makes it in to the final design and build with all the Boozing and losing of Devices that has been going on. Stay tuned for more information.

Android app for the Chevy Volt? Awesome!

Yeah, you heard me right. if you have a Chevy Volt electric car and an Android phone you can do a whole host of things like Setting the Charging schedule or check its trip history to even just honking the horn. Chevy just announced google Maps integration with the Volt in the second iteration of the Android App later this year. Android is getting a lot of cool new hooks I must say and this is pretty cool at that.  the Google Maps integration is suppsed to be able to find your car in a parking lot, tell a friend in a chevy Volt where you are to pick you up and setting locations on your phone that become destinations for your car GPS.  The Volt and app will be rolling out later this year with hopefully all the above coolness.

And that is it for this midweek edition of Geek Tech Live. I have been Chris, and you have been the Audience…. Don’t forget ,You can find me on Twitter and Facebook .

Geek Tech Live 74 TweetDeck for Android, Solid Gold Ipad and What is 180?

Howdy Everyone. and welcome to a fresh new Episode 74 being recorded from my very own brand spanking new computer slash Pod-casting Room!

In this episode of Geek Tech Live:

  • TweetDeck going to spew out Twitter app for Android?
  • Got 190k lying around? Get yourself a solid Gold Ipad. What?
  • What is 180? I will tell you.

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TweetDeck for Android? oh yes!

There are a lot of Twitter applications out there. Even Twitter has a twitter app. and I am a big proponent of getting the app from the source since they sometimes will have something they don’t release inthe API.  I have used a bunch of Twitter apps and I do have to say TweetDeck has the most features. Sadly if you were rockin the Droid you were left out of the geek hug that was TweetDeck…. that is until now! Oh yes TweetDeck is soon to be released. one small thing. the app will not be able to be run in the background? Tweetdeck states that is to conserve battery life of the droid.

Got $190k Lying around? Grab yourself a Solid Gold Ipad. Eh, What?

In this still slightly depressed Economy it really pains me to see these type of oppulent over the top modifications or Gadgets or what not. I will be the first to say the ” you get what you pay for” but seriously?  it has 53 Flawless diamonds embedded in the apple logo and the case was made not of aluminum but 22 carat Solid freaking Gold! If i see Donald Trump sporting this on any media images I will puke. I like my Ipad. I really do. this type of “upgrade” does nothing for the functionality of the actual device. It doesnt make it go faster, or give it longer battery life. It does however make it weigh three times as much and fetch a crazy mind numbing $190,000. If you ask me $599.00 was more than expensive enought for my 32GB Ipad. $190k? no way. I guess the  only good thing I can think of about this “upgrade” is that if the economy does collapse you will have $190,000 worth of Gold you can use to buy a chartered jet to Canada.

What is 180? A frigging Cool Game! that’s What!

A Facebook Friend of Mine Ron Alpert Co-Founder of Headcase Games has a New App out for the Iphone. Its called 180 and its effin fun! There is also a dedicated website Called Whatis180 to learn more. Here is some background for you on the app.

You will have to think quick In the action-puzzler 180.  You must flip, shoot, and match combos before the wall of coins can crush you.
Each piece on the gameboard has 2 sides.  Touch any coin to flip it 180 degrees. Tap in the empty area to shoot your next coin. Shoot to connect 3 or more of the same front-side color to clear.
If you enjoy games like Tetris and Bejeweled but want something new and addicting, 180 is the game you’ve been waiting for!

Full Version Features:
– 3 Unique game modes: Score Attack, Drop Attack, and Endless
– Easy and Hard levels
– Set up complex chain reactions and magnificent combos, and be rewarded with huge scores!
– OpenFeint integration, challenge your friends on the leaderboards to see who’s the champ.
– Comprehensive stat tracking
– Colorful, detailed graphics and hi-quality sound effects.
– 4 Different characters to cheer you on!
– Extremely simple to learn, with very deep gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.
– Great for kids, adults and hardcore gamers alike, 180 is a unique game that’s suitable for anyone to enjoy.

180 is available now on the iTunes Appstore.

A little bit about Headcase Games:

Headcase Games is an independent mobile game developer comprised of a small team of industry veterans, whose previous credits include creative development on several popular AAA titles  Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series, Neverwinter Nights 2, Alpha Protocol, Heroes of Might and Magic IV, Caesar III, Knights of the Old Republic II, and several others.

If you want to Contact Headcase you can find them at:

Well, That’s it for this Episode of Geek Tech Live. you can find me on Facebook, and Twitter at Geektechlive

No midweek Podcast Chris? What gives!?

Hi everyone!

Yes I know I normally record a mid week Podcast  and trust me there is no shortage of things to talk about. Android beating out Apple Sales, Apple countering that they were not “technically” beat. Etc… I am currently moving my Mac, PC, microphone, desk and related stuff into their new home and I hit a small snag on cat5 wire pulls. Looks like I have a trip to Home Depot in my future. Rest assured if I can get the wire pulled by tomorrow I will get another Podcast out ASAP. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has been downloading my Podcast. I have noticed a huge surge of listeners lately, I guess you really DO like me! awww shucks!