HP Slate takes swing at Ipad

hp slate tablet

hp slate tablet
HP Slate tablet IPad Killer?

Today the HP Slate Demo Video ended up at Engadget as well as Mashable.com. So, my take on this is that HP is now trying to take some of the wind out of the sails of the IPad. It obviously is trying to use the Fervor over the IPad as well as some peoples dislike over Apple’s latest tech offering to shed some interest their way.

The HP Slate is bringing its A game to the show with its fully decked out specs:

The Base Spec HP Slate will have 32GB of Storage and sell for $549.00 . Other notable stats are 1 GB of RAM, a  1.6Ghz Processor using Atom and the screen comes in at 8.9 Inches with Multitouch ability. The Screen resolution will be 1024 x 600. There will also be a 64GB version as well.

So all in all not a bad little device. price point is still in the ballpark to compete with the IPad as well as all the other Slates, or tablets yet to be announced. ( you heard me MS! ). I would welcome any HP rep that would give me the opportunity to review the Slate and let me write a post about it.

On the Same track as the Tablet PC market:

I had the opportunity to ask Microsoft for any news concerning the Upcoming Courier. and I got the following boilerplate response:

In regards to your Courier request, please refer to the following statement, attributable to a Microsoft spokesperson:

While it is in Microsoft’s DNA to continually develop and incubate new technologies to foster productivity and creativity, we have no product announcements around this topic today.

–          Microsoft spokesperson

wonderful.. thanks I think?

So,  What do you think of the HP Slate? Ipad Killer?

Geek Tech Live Ep 64 Ipad Marvel.com WordPress and App Demos

Welcome Again to Episode 64 of Geek Tech Live for the Week of April 4th. I am your Host Chris Favero.

In this episode of Geek Tech Live I talk about:

  • Ipad Gets released huzzah!
  • WordPress 3.0 Beta
  • Easy way to preview an App for the IPhone
  • Marvel on the IPad

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Introspective on the IPad!

hhgttg Ipad

I go into detail on the IPad and my thoughts on the release day as well as make a startling discovery about myself. Listen in on my own internal debate. How Close is the Ipad to Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers Guide” and more.

WordPress 3.0 Beta

I blogged about the WordPress 3.0 Beta release a day ago and now I talk about the pros and Cons of the WordPress Multi User addition and compare it to Dot Net Nuke (DNN). Full URL to Post here: http://geektechlive.com/2010/04/wordpress-3-0-beta-released/

Easy Way to preiew an IPhone and soon Ipad App.

I you are like me you scrutinize every Iphone purchase since those 99 cent charges can add up. Well, now you can have someone else spend their money and tell you what the app REALLY does before you buy it.  My Blog Article at geektechlive.com tells you all the nitty gritty as well as the link to http://iphoneappdemos.tv/

Make mine Marvel Ipad?Maybe Not.

Every since Marvel was bought out by Disney I have been keeping my eye on them before they turn into the Multiheaded Hydra that is Disney. I assume it starts with some sort of Bite like a Vampire then Disneys Fangs slowly drain the life force from their intended victims replacing it with unicorns and rainbows and incessant looping music on how its a very small world after all.

OK, Initial speculation by me in a blog post, on the IPad having Marvel Comics on it may have been a bit too soon. I dive back into the dark recesses of my brain to talk about the evolution of the Comic and how the IPad could kill off Comic books… the real tangible paper comics that I know and love and collect.

OK, that is all everyone. Have a happy Week and I will see you soon. Catch me on Twitter @Geektechlive or Facebook!

Direct Download

Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live Ep 64 Ipad Marvel.com WordPress and App Demos

WordPress 3.0 Beta Released

With all the buzz around the IPad and Apple lately, this may have passed by unnoticed…. WordPress 3.0 Beta was Released!!

Mashable.com has a great summary on its features as well as linky linky Loos!! Among notable additions to this beta is the combining of WordPress and WordPress MU (multi user) which will allow you to run multiple blogs from the same installation albeit with a few bugs right now in beta-land.

If you’re brave, you can download the update here and kick the tires on it. If you do, I would love to head about it and I will link to your shiny new WordPress 3.0 site!

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Lemme know what you think… Comments are on Below. Cheers!

Marvel on the IPad… Awesomeness ensues

BoingBoing.com has leaked an awesome posting with lots of pictures  detailing that Marvel has, and will Launch an IPad app for reading comics. I am very excited about this as I have been saying  for awhile that the Ipad seems to be an excellent reading device.  Just recently a College has committed to giving every student an Ipad with their text books available for download.  its a very interesting concept.

Speaking of books, I was reading a Time.com Article on the review of the Ipad and it made references to Douglas Adams and his Wonderful “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” novels.I am a huge Fan of Douglas Adams work  (R.I.P. Douglas) and I miss his writing style a lot.

It suddenly struck me as I was reading the article that this really IS the closest we have come to an actual hand-held  “Guide”. and as the writer of the article pointed out.  the Sad Truth is that Douglas is not here to witness it.

That all being said,  BoingBoing.com’s Marvel Posting can be read here in its entirety.

The very cool Thing about the Boingboing.com article is they even took the time to record video of someone ( presumably Xeni Jardin ) using the actual app and showing off the features.

Man, does it look cool!

So,  not only did they make the IPad functional they made it Marvel (ous) too. 😉