How I fell into the stats “pit of despair”

I’m not sure how I did it. but I did.  I have now become full entrenched with watching my “stats” for downloads of my podcast.  I actually have a daily ritual now of checking my stats on my iphone at approximately 1pm every day. All this does is show me who downloaded my podcast over the last 24 hours so all the actual stats are a bit stale. I eagerly wait in anticipation to see if what I had to talk about was well received or a huge flop. luckily I have more positives than negatives lately so I guess I must be doing something (mostly) right.

I am a numbers guy by nature so hit counters, analytic tools in general and stats like who downloaded what and when i really like. You would think that I want to see them to justify myself as “popular” but in reality i am using these stats to track how what I choose to talk about in my podcast reflects on any given week and how long each podcast keep getting hits. A great example of this is that my best podcast was about the Ipod shuffle sales at least a year ago. it has 5000+ downloads and keeps getting hits.  Oddly enough episode #4 also still gets hits. that is from early 2007! I am still trying to correlate the whys and the hows.  I have tried many methods for news gathering and I can say this for sure. Rehashing the same news just doesn’t cut it. Every-time I get excited about something that just so happens to be on a large aggregator like Tech meme or even just tech news outlet like Gizmodo or Engadget. I see an initial spike but then after a very short time people just stop reading or downloading or visiting. if new content is king then NEW and FRESH content is really then the Emperor. I am trying to walk the line of new and fresh while still being a bit topical and on target with society. let me tell you this…. its not an easy task.

I spend a least 2 hours each day just keeping up with my rss feed readers. Then surfing to find some unknown new page or gadget that no one is talking about. unfortunately it happens and I am forced to go all topical on your ass and chat about the Ipad or Google or even “gulp” rehash what i just saw on Techmeme. Sorry. In the end the numbers don’t lie, If I waste your time then you stop listening and then well, we all lose out.I have no podcast if there are no listeners. I really do appreciate you all.

So for now, its back to the research trough for me. Looking for the next interesting thing to talk about for next weeks podcast.

UPDATE: I have now gone over 24 hours since my last check. its really bugging me. LOL

BTW, if you have and comment or suggestions please email me at Geek (at)

Opera Mini coming to an Iphone near you

It was only a matter of time before Opera mini came to the Iphone.  I for one am very happy to have a different browser to choose from as safari can leave me wanting on a good handful of the sites I go to on a regular basis.   Techmeme has aggregated all the news fit to read on this subject here . Lets hope it runs as well on the Iphone as on other mobile platforms. The Official Press Release from Opera can be found here

Last time I ran the mobile Opera browser was on my Blackberry curve. and on the curve it was fantastic compared to the blackberry browser. I loved it.

I will be downloading it and trying it out as soon as its available. When I do you will be the first to know my thoughts. Lets hope its as good if not better than before.

Geek Tech Live 62 Some Xbox sprinkled with Doctor Who and Blackerry OS 6 Action

Geek Tech live Ep 62

Hello everyone, in this episode of GeekTechLive on March 21st 2010:

  • Blackberry OS 6.0 first looks
  • XBOX gets USB storage support in 2010 update
  • find out how much your used mobile phone is and help the environment
  • Fifth Season of Doctor Who is almost here!

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Blackberry OS 6.0 first looks

Some initial and very possible real leaked images came out recently
concerning blackberry 6.0 OS looks. From what I can see they really are
gunning for an Android like look and feel . There was also a rumor
about a possible slider phone from RIM recently as well. Could this new
Phone and OS combo be a reality? has an article as well as a bunch of related articles can be found at on this.

XBOX gets USB storage support in 2010 update
has broke the news on the spring update for all your Xbox 360 owners.
This spring after the update happens you will be able to use USB mass
storage devices to save an load game data. Live arcade games DLC and
Games on demand will all be able to be held on the separate USB
device.  With Game data taking up more and more space every year. This
is a great update that everyone will be happy to see implemented. I can
also see Microsoft selling Xbox Branded USB devices which of course
will only expand their current line up of hardware for the Xbox 360.


How much is your used mobile phone worth and help the environment.

PRWEB March 21st 2010: Website “Whats my Phone Worth?”
helps consumers to compare the leading mobile phone recyclers in the UK
and enables users to find the best deals for recycling their old mobile
phones. Currently you can only search thru UK based recyclers

the constant influx of new mobile phones, it seems that people are
buying a new phone almost monthly. But what happens to their old
phones? According to ‘What’s My Phone Worth?’, most people are not
aware of mobile phone recycling or the important role it plays in
protecting the earth from the dangerous elements contained in mobile
phones. Recycling old mobile phones is a safe and easy way to go green
and help to protect the environment.


Fifth Season of Doctor Who is almost here!

OMG! WEll with David Tennant long gone and the newest Doctor lining
up for his debut performance it can only be said that I am eagerly
waiting to see how this much younger actor fills in the Doctors
Shoes.Series 5 of Doctor Who begins in the following local time slots:
Fire up your Tardis and replace the batteries in your Sonic
Screwdrivers! this is gonna be an interesting new series.

  • Series Five of Doctor Who, begins 3rd April, at 6:25pm on BBC One, in the UK.
  • Series Five of Doctor Who, begins 17th April, at 9/8c on BBC America, in the USA.
  • Series Five of Doctor Who, begins 17th April, at 9:00pm on Space, in Canada.
  • Series Five of Doctor Who, begins 18th April, at 7:30pm on ABC, in Australia.


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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 62 Some Xbox sprinkled with Doctor Who and Blackerry OS 6 Action