Nominate me for the 2011 Shorty Awards!

Geekulators! Mount up!

The ballot boxes are open people and I would really appreciate any support you can do for the show.  I know I have asked you to tell all your friends and follow me on twitter, use my coupon codes, even donate any spare dollar you have lying around via paypal, and now finally to tune into the Ustream live show for some up close and personal interactivity.

I have one more thing I need you to do for me. Please, Please, Please, If you like my show Go to and vote for me. I would greatly appreciate any and all support you can offer me. I think I have really brought some fun and excitement into the Tech and Entertainment categories with my podcast and now streaming broadcast and I hope you do too, so please take 30 seconds and click the link below and cast your vote for me for the 2011 Shorty Awards?

Thanks and see you all online weekly for more fun and chat about all things tech.

Nominate Chris Favero for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Chris Favero for a social media award in the Shorty Awards tech category