Hey you Apples Get off My lawn!

Maybe I am getting a bit old. maybe I am growing up. I sure hope not. I had the realization of this today. I don’t care about the new Ipad or Iphone. I just don’t. They could revolutionize my life as I know it but I really don’t see how. Don’t get me wrong though. I love my Iphone and Ipad and even my [amazon_link id=”B003G2ZJTG” target=”_blank” ]Macbook[/amazon_link]. I just for some reason don’t want to replace them with a new model. I think my consumerism gene must have gotten switched off by accident.

I used to get all excited to see the unveiling of the new apple products of the year. I fear that unfortunately Apple has fallen prey to the same things as most hugely successful companies do mediocrity. A small company fights the odds and wins and slowly grows to a monolithic,  stop the cantina player when walking into the bar company and decides whether by choice or by chance to rest on its laurels. Every time I see that happen I get bored with them.  I want revolutionary! I want huge leaps in technology! I want my flying car Goddammit! ahem….

What I am trying to say here is that while I am interested in seeing this new Iphone and Ipad I don’t think there will be any revolutionary new whizbang tech that is gonna make me sit up and take notice. So what the IPad gets a retina display and a camera. Am I really going to take my Ipad to the park to take pictures or my perfectly good Iphone? Or will I just pack up my DSLR and take that to the park and do my HDR photography in [amazon_link id=”B003B32B2I” target=”_blank” ]photoshop[/amazon_link]? I think the [amazon_link id=”B002NEGTU6″ target=”_blank” ]DSLR[/amazon_link] actually, thank you.

There are some days where technology is difficult to keep up with and then there are days like today where I want to get out and give it a big push to get it going again. What do you think? Are you excited about the new Apple Tech? What new tech gets your blood a pumping and the drool spilling? Drop a comment below and let me know!

No midweek Podcast Chris? What gives!?

Hi everyone!

Yes I know I normally record a mid week Podcast  and trust me there is no shortage of things to talk about. Android beating out Apple Sales, Apple countering that they were not “technically” beat. Etc… I am currently moving my Mac, PC, microphone, desk and related stuff into their new home and I hit a small snag on cat5 wire pulls. Looks like I have a trip to Home Depot in my future. Rest assured if I can get the wire pulled by tomorrow I will get another Podcast out ASAP. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has been downloading my Podcast. I have noticed a huge surge of listeners lately, I guess you really DO like me! awww shucks!

Geek Tech Live 68 exclusive breaking news. So, This is the Iphone 4G?

Breaking news on Geek Tech Live Number 68; is this the IPhone 4G in the wild?

Engadget has some Exclusive breaking news on the new IPhone 4G, HD, version 4. It seems according to them:

Apparently the phone was found on the floor of a San Jose bar inside of an iPhone 3G case.

Odd right? It gets weirder.

Right now we don’t have a ton of info on the device in question, but we can tell you that it apparently has a front facing camera (!), 80GB of storage (weird, right?), and isn’t booting at this point (though it was previously, and running an OS that was decidedly new). It’s not clear if this is definitely a production model, or just a prototype that found its way into the world, but it’s certainly a compelling design, no matter how you look at it.

and to top it all off? this is the latest update from Engadget!

this looks almost exactly like a Twitpic posted by TUDream on February 20th, It’s low-res, shows an indiscriminate bit of the inside, and some mysterious button / possible SIM slot in the middle of the other side. The mic holes on this pic seems to be larger, too.

I think crazy town just let out… what do you think?

Geek Tech Live 66 WinZipiness, Tweetphoto shows the cash,some E-Ink on Ipad and the IpadDev camp in NYC

In this special episode of Geek Tech Live.  Winzip unveils version 14.5 now with security and lots of new UI tweaks! you gotta check them out as they have added encryption as well as a new ribbon style interface in the same style as Office 2010.

TweetPhoto gets “shown the Money”  when they recieve a 2.6 Million dollar Series A financing deal. this will propel Tweephoto far by getting more developers as well as expanding the functionality of the API  and SDK’s for mobile social media.

IpadDev is coming to NYC on April 16th thru the 18th. If you are a Developer and want to go its only 10 bucks and he tickets can be purchased online! at codefab

The Ipad is now slated by Silanis as the defacto standard for E-signatures! a leader in the Property and Casualty Insurance as wel as a firm everyone is familiar with “Geico” will start to use Silanis software on Ipads to capture your electronic signature. all this to save a few trees. Awesome job guys!

This episode is brought to you by Zazzle .com  save some cash Put in promo code GEEKTECHSHOW for 10% off any order $50 or more when checking out at Zazzle.com !

Thanks to everyone for listening! see you in a few days!

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 66 WinZipiness, Tweetphoto shows the cash,some E-Ink on Ipad and the IpadDev camp in NYC