Apple Bans Screen film …What?

OK, yeah I am a little bit of an Apple fan. I was a blackberry fan and just finally wanted to have more fun over function so I went Iphone and I don’t regret it.

Yes, it is a closed system compared to other operating systems. I know that it is and I am ok with it to get the fun I want to get from the device. now, don’t get me wrong here, I dont like it but I see it as a give and take sort of relationship. Unfortunately, Apple has started to seem more take recently but I kinda chalked it up to normal paranoia. First there was the lawsuits,but then the banning of screen protectors???oh wait… of COURSE banning of screen protectors. I must have forgotten the fact that all iphones are impervious to any nick or scratch by even the hardest tungsten blades. This makes absolutely no sense. It is about as rational a statement as Apple stating that it will only allow multitouch to operate when the index finger and the thumb are used, if not used in such a manner the device will “phone home” and you will be charged $.99 for multitouch infringement.

Apple, I luv ya.. but, what gives?


Geek Tech Live Ep 60 Courier Wonderland Cameras and Portal 2 Talk

Geek Tech Live Ep 60

Welcome one and all to episode 60 of Geek Tech Live. Today I want to talk to you about a few things going on. First off is Panasonic’s g2 and g10 cameras, then Portal 2 is coming are you ready?, Motorola Backflip phones are released on AT&T, Microsoft fires back at the IPad with the Courier and Alice in Wonderland has record breaking opening day.

So Without Further ado lets roll!

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Panasonic releases new G2 and G10 cameras.

And they are beauties arent they? the G2 and G10 cameras use the Micro Four Thirds format. They are both 12.1 megapixel and have a 3″ LCD screen viewfinder. they record video in 720p and have the ability to interchange lenses. the basic package will come with a 14 – 42mm F3.5 – 5.6 lens. the G2 adds a touchscreen that folds out and twists to allow for better viewing. the G10 is the more basic of the model geared to the beginner enthusiast. no prices yet but the press release states more technical details such as:

Other features of the LUMIX G2 include: • Dust Reduction System: If dust or other foreign matter gets inside the camera when you’re changing lenses, it could cling to the image sensor and show up as a spot in your photos. The Dust Reduction System in the G2 helps eliminate this possibility by placing a supersonic wave filter in front of the Live MOS sensor. Vibrating vertically around 50,000 times per second, the filter repels dust and other particles effectively. • Included Software: PHOTOfunSTUDIO 5.0 HD Edition makes it possible to sort and organize photos. Videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube using the built-in YouTube uploader – even in HD quality. It also lets you create a 360-degree rotation panorama file in .MOV files. The software is compatible with the Windows 7. The Panasonic LUMIX G2 will come equipped as part of its kit, with the newly announced LUMIX G VARIO 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 ASPH/MEGA O.I.S. lens. The new lens offers a versatile zoom range of 14-42mm (35mm camera equivalent: 28-84mm), making it suitable for a wide variety of scenes, everything from dynamic landscape to portrait. Additionally, the LUMIX G2 is compatible with all Micro Four Thirds System lenses, allowing users even higher levels of performance in a digital interchangeable lens camera.

To read the whole press release and even more info drop on over to


Portal 2 is coming to you soon

Photo courtesy of

For those of you who really fell in love with the game Portal your wait for a sequel will be over soon. Valve is going to be releasing Portal 2 and this time its a full game. Portal 2 will be released this fall and it is gonna rock! There was a quote that was awesome while I was reading thru the internet articles on this. “portal was a test bed. Portal 2 is a game” AWESOME! more info coming soon!


Motorola Backflip review

I came across this today in fact and had to link to this article. Gizmodo did a fantastic review of the Backflip AT&T’s first Android phone. The Review isn’t pretty as this phone is not for the early adopters of new and exciting tech. The hardware is a bit outdated and really isnt any better than the Cliq. in the nuts and bolts of it.. its being sold as a budget smart-phone for the masses and it knows it. So, If you normally would not buy a smart-phone but still want to have smart-phone capabilities and are not looking for a rocket of a machine then this may be your ticket to the show. the breakdown of the phone is as follows:


  • It’s more functional than the messaging/feature phones it’s attacking
  • The backwards folding mechanism is surprisingly functional
  • Android 2.1 to come
  • Spacious keyboard


  • Launch price too high, though it will probably fall
  • The rear trackpad: great when the phone’s unfolded, but useless when it’s closed


  • Ships with Android 1.5
  • Resistive screen
  • Underwhelming hardware specs

read more via article

Microsoft’s Courier.. Digital journal… Ipad Killer?

Oh My! well you probably saw my blog post I did yesterday when this story broke at Well, I have to say that if this Courier actually does what the HD videos and the PIctures I saw over at then we have a serious contender for Ipad early adopters. This Courier has made me stop and think if I truly want to go Ipad or wait and see if Microsoft Delivers. Check out the Article at and read all about it. I am sure we will be seeing some kind of retort from Apple and Mr. Jobs soon about this new device. only downside is there is no date set for release of the Courier.


Alice in Wonderland has a record breaking Opening weekend.

I was unable to see it on opening weekend but even without my 12 bucks Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Drew over 40 Million dollars in box office revenue. This is Burton’s first ever 3D release to boot. Were you able to see it yet? what are your thoughts on the Movie and how was the 3D?


Well that’s it for Episode 60 of GeekTech Live. Catch me on Twitter at @geektechlive or facebook at , become a fan of this show at facebook as well or just leave me some comments below on the blog.

Thanks for Listening!

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live Ep 60 Courier Wonderland Cameras and Portal 2 Talk

Geek Tech Live Ep 46 Nexus ONE Google Facebook and video on Iphone 3G

This Week on Geek Tech Live: Episode 46

Google and Facebook launch URL shorteners into the fray,
Apple allows Iphone 3G owners to record video with some interesting outcomes
and Google Unveils the Nexus ONE gsm phone brining some hurt to the Iphone? lets find out.

Welcome Back everyone! I am Chris Favero your host and this is Geek Tech Live Episode 46!

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Ok So right, lets start at the big deal that hit the inter-tubes December 14th. Twitter was all a flutter today with news of the much awaited ,star trek referenced Google Nexus ONE phone. Lots of info is floating around and so far we know a few tidbits from multiple sites like engadget and . We know it will be gsm.. from photos we can see it has Wifi, the phone has a QR code on it? not sure why but it does. updated OS has 3d features in it  mute and lock screens are similar to Android 2.0.1.  there is a grid icon at the bottom of the screen that opens a webOS style card view of all the home screen pages. the NExus one will have Google Navigation and Google Goggles which if you haven’t see the video of that in action you are missing out. One main thing to note is that nowhere on any of the pictures I have seen is it branded with HTC even though it really looks like the HTC Passion.  engadget has more info and boot up videos as well as links to google goggles and updates as they fly in. stated the original pictures they got their hands on were from a san-fran blogger named Cory O’Brien who got his hands on one and got all tweeting crazy taking a pic of the phone for all the world to see. Cory had this to say on the Google Nexus ONE.
“Google Phone = Iphone+extra screen and a scroll wheel. great touch and Android”.

Below is a picture of the bad boy from engadget:


here are some of the links to the articles I referenced:

We here at GTL would love to get our hands on this phone and do a review before launch…. you hear me Google?! call me on Twitter! @geektechlive Do it!

So what do you think of the Google Nexus Phone? have we finally seen the face of the Iphone killer and its called Nexus? will next years model be called Nexus two? when they named it Nexus were they making a reference to Star Trek? will capt Kirk pop out of a phone and whoopee Goldberg try to get into one? who knows.  All I can say is its a slick phone and at first glance it really looks like it will give the Iphone a run for its money. Especially with the rumor of it being sold as an unlocked phone so you can just pick either T-mobile or AT&T . At least Google is giving  us the opportunity for choice.

Alright, I Am Nexusssussed out. lets move on to Another Google Topic as well as facebook. Both of these media giants are wanting to shorten your URLs. so does this matter? is worried? with the plethora of URL shorteners I just done understand why we would want any more. unless by using specific urls you gain anything like tracking information It seems like both facebook and google are a bit late to this party. Heck you can set up your own URL shortener using wordpress. I have done it and it was easy… and in the end I don’t use it since most of my mobile apps that I use shortening on only give me a small choice of providers. In the end they still all provide the same thing. they make URLs easier to manage. but thats about it if you ask me.

Ok so on to the Iphone 3G getting video recording.YAY!… NOT.

ustream for 3g

to be able to tell you why I am not impressed I need to also do a small App review for the UStream app called broadcaster that allows this to even happen on my archaic Iphone 3G. Now the actual Ustream app seems pretty darned cool I almost wanted to do a once a month Live Geek Tech Live podcast. that was until I used it on my IPhone. audio works cleanly on the 3G. and works flawless on Android phones as well as with standard webcams. But the Little Iphone that could Sadly cant. its very noticeable why Apple decided to not allow Video on the 3G and only allow it on the 3GS. the frame rate suffers and at times seems like one of them Olde time pre talky moving pictures. to get it even partially usable I had to drop my recording size down to 176×144 which is slightly but not really bigger than a postage stamp on my screen. And even then, video is choppy. now don’t get me wrong. it works and it records and it even records on an Old 3G. but the video from a 3G…. blows. its just horrible. I would love to use it but unless I am filming a geological event like two tectonic plates moving apart or a glacier whipping down a mountain at breakneck speeds its just not worth it to me. the upside of all this. the app is free and it works great on 3GS and other devices as well as online with plain old webcams.

There is a great article online at :

And that brings up to the end of another installment of Geek Tech Live. I am Chris Favero and this was Episode 46. If you liked what you heard tell your friends and don’t forget to tell me as well. I am on Twitter @Geektechlive and you can get this podcast directly on Itunes or at my two URLs of and See? I didn’t even use a Shortener there either. if you would like to have a gadget or topic talked about by me send an email to

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live Ep 46 Nexus ONE Google Facebook and video on Iphone 3G

Geek Tech Live 42 Review Shure SRH440 the Pixi some Blackberry 9700 and Netflix on Sony

Welcome back to another standard Audio Podcast from Geek Tech Live! in this episode:

I talk about the Palm Pixi review from Boy Genius report and how its almost but not exactly the same as a palm pre on sprints website now!

Palm Pixi

Moving along to the Crunchpad from Michael Arrington: stay on target…. stay on target!! read more here at Engadgets breaking news!

crucnhpad almost ready?

With a small update and ownership of an internet ready capable Sony Bravia TV you can now get Netflix directly on it! Wowzers! Read more here at this link!

blackberry 9700

Tmobile launches the Blackberry 9700 and I get all gushy about it… sigh. a technohead i guess can learn to love even if i am a converted Blackberry user turned Iphone apple fanboy. It is a pretty phone and its only 199.00 with a contract. read more here!

And I start out the Episode talking about my review of the Shure SRH440 headphones! this is one headphone review you have to hear to believe! ( see what i did there? I used hearing as the joke for a headphone review… too funny)

Shure SRH 440

Read more about Shure SRH 440 Headphones at Shures Website and PIck up a pair! I was so enamored with these I had to buy myself a pair of my own!

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 42 Review Shure SRH440 the Pixi some Blackberry 9700 and Netflix on Sony