How I Lost 35 lbs with the Jawbone UP24

In this episode I review the Jawbone UP24 and how I lost 35 lbs by using it as well as some dietary changes.

Five months ago I found out my cholesterol was starting to go up, I was going to have to look at buying bigger pants in the 40-42 size range and so I decided to do something about it. Over the course of the next 5 Months I bought a Jawbone UP24 and added in some diet and exercise. I am now 35 lbs lighter I am wearing a 34-35 waist in my pant size and my cholesterol has dropped well into the normal range.

I’m lazy so this wasn’t a lot of work to implement and I hope I can guide you all you Geeks and Nerds struggling with weight issues out there onto the path of weight loss and feeling better.

The Jawbone UP was instrumental in helping me on my quest to drop the poundage by tracking all my activity.

How to Resurrect an image in Lightroom 5

This is my first time doing a Screencast and I wanted to cover something that I get asked a lot. As you may know if you follow me on Twitter I take a lot of photos and I really like the challenge of Cosplay photography at conventions. I had a photo that was pretty bad and just before I was going to see if I could fix it I decided to record this video and share it with all of you!
It is a bit long at 15 minutes and I promise to do shorter ones. This one goes from finding the image to the final product.