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Geek Tech Live 54 Apple IPad chat

Geek Tech Live 54

In this episode of Geek Tech Live can I escape the tractor beam pull of the IPad unveiling and subsequent take over of all things internet news related? Will the IPad end global suffering? Eliminate the National Debit? Create new jobs? Lets find out.

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All right, So how much IPad Goodness do you think could be out right about now? It was only Last week that we were talking about the unveiling of the apple Tablet. Geek Tech Live is recorded on the weekends (except Special programs like last weeks RadNerd Interview). So this is a few days after the unveil and the mass effect of pandemonium it has done to the world. Did we survive? yah we did… was a it a game changer? I think a little yes and a little no. The Ipad wasn’t some magical device like we were hearing. It isn’t made from unicorns and creates its own rainbows. It does however have some very cool aspects of the device that make me want it. Lets see if I can explain in a bit more detail.  About 6 months ago I was almost going to buy a kindle. The  rumored Ipad, Islate, Itablet, etc… was seeming to be a long way off and well I just wanted to get a good e-reader to take with me to work for lunch time reading and when i am on vacation , etc. I did the research and almost did it. The kindle did everything I wanted it to do at the time and my Iphone was able to fill in the gaps quite well for anything else i wanted to do.  I am really glad I had second thoughts and waited for the apple Tablet unveiling.

There have been a lot of people all whining about the Ipad and as the week progressed you also found out more rumors concerning next years possible Ipad additions like front facing video cameras, video calls, etc… I really don’t care so much about those rumors since it is apples job in my mind to continue to innovate. if they stop doing that then there will not be anything more than what we have today in technology. you cant fault them for holding back a few extra goodies for the revision two of the Ipad that is just goo business if you ask me, even if it still annoys the hell out of me.
So what do we know about the current Revision 1 of the IPad.  here are the basic specs for the Ipad courtesy of the Apple websites:

Ipad Image

Size and weight
Height:  9.56 inches (242.8 mm)

Width:   7.47 inches (189.7 mm)

Depth:   0.5 inch (13.4 mm)

Weight:   1.5 pounds (0.68 kg) Wi-Fi model;
    1.6 pounds (0.73 kg) Wi-Fi + 3G model

    •    9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
    •    1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)
    •    Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
    •    Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously

    •    16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive

    •    1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip

    •    Accelerometer
    •    Ambient light sensor

Battery and power
    •    Built-in 25 Whr rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
    •    Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music
    •    Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system

Ok, so if you ask me based on these specs it definitely fits the bill be being better than an IPhone and still not as good as a full on laptop. Yes, its a niche market. but if you look at how the Ipad is being marketed its not supposed to eliminate laptops. It does however give the Kindle and Nook a run for its money.  The Three top things it seems the Ipad does very well are Web browsing, Email and Ibook reading. Those three right there are exactly the right niche market if you ask me. I can see the Ipad being taken to college classes and textbooks handed out electronically. With Wifi you can keep in touch with the integrated email and OF course you get full screen browsing of websites ( sans flash) . The fourth and last big thing I like about the Ipad is the video capabilities. I can watch my movies and not worry about running out of juice.  the screen looks fantastic if you ask me. 

So 3G or just Wifi? I agree with Leo Laporte’s take on this. Leo stated in a Revision 3 Tekzilla episode that he isn’t going to wait as all he needs is wifi. what I mean is get the wifi version and then if you need to  get a Mifi from Verizon and now you have your very own personal hotspot. Easy peasy lemon squezey. Either way you are going tohave to pay for the 3G coverage so why not get the MiFi and now anything in your car or office or beach etc… can get a signal to the Internet. I like how he thinks. Especially since I was saying this to my friends about a day before his interview aired on Tekzilla.

Love it or Hate it the Ipad is here and here to stay.  There were a lot of nay sayers when the Iphone came out and now its the standard phone all new smartphones are compared to.  My only issue with the keynote address by Steve Jobs was no mention of any Iphone 4G or anything.  my contract is coming up for renewal and I don’t want to pounce on a 3GS if a bit of prudence on part can end me up with a new 4G model that IS made out of Unicorns and rainbows.

Well, thats it for this episode of Geek Tech Live. Happy February 1st everyone! You can find me on Twitter @geektechlive or Facebook at . Subscribe to my RSS feed at :   for my Podcasts and for my Blog postings.

Talk to you all in about 6 days!! 

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Hi all episode 50 is up and live. I have done my best at getting the site looking better and hopefully more engaging. Added facebook and email and much nicer commenting sytem to the site as well. I hope you find the content and production quality of the show better as well. I am writing this from my iPhone to test the theory that I can blog effectively while staying mobile.

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