GTL Ep 39 HTC hero,sidekick data lost and Wacom bamboo fun review

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Welcome Geek’s to #39 of the GTL podcast!

Today we cover some cool topics including my thoughts on the following! click on the images to go to the underlying source articles.

Sprint HTC hero Finally available to presale? pros and cons of the HTC and is it a Palm Pre Killer?


From there we move to the Tale of Woe ( not Whoah!) with Tmobile and sidekicks losing all their data? really? ever hear of redundancy? maybe back ups? well listen on for my thoughts on this rather big mess up.


I Talk a bit about my thoughts on Zazzle and how I use them to host my own Geek Teck Live Gear as well as other crazyness my mind can come up with.

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I will be reviewing Call of Duty Modern WarFare 2 (MW2) prestige edition next month! I will go thru not only gameplay but also the custom working night vision goggle review as well so stay tuned!

The final thing i wanted to cover was the Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet review!


I bought this for myself to help with some of my designs with my Zazzle store. Boy Howdy! this is a great product. its a little small on the active area at 4×6 but even with that I give it a 4 out of 5. between the precision of the stylus to the pressure sesitivity of the active area. i dont see how i could have lived without one for so long!

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Geek Tech Live : GTL Ep 39 HTC hero,sidekick data lost and Wacom bamboo fun review