How I fell into the stats “pit of despair”

I’m not sure how I did it. but I did.  I have now become full entrenched with watching my “stats” for downloads of my podcast.  I actually have a daily ritual now of checking my stats on my iphone at approximately 1pm every day. All this does is show me who downloaded my podcast over the last 24 hours so all the actual stats are a bit stale. I eagerly wait in anticipation to see if what I had to talk about was well received or a huge flop. luckily I have more positives than negatives lately so I guess I must be doing something (mostly) right.

I am a numbers guy by nature so hit counters, analytic tools in general and stats like who downloaded what and when i really like. You would think that I want to see them to justify myself as “popular” but in reality i am using these stats to track how what I choose to talk about in my podcast reflects on any given week and how long each podcast keep getting hits. A great example of this is that my best podcast was about the Ipod shuffle sales at least a year ago. it has 5000+ downloads and keeps getting hits.  Oddly enough episode #4 also still gets hits. that is from early 2007! I am still trying to correlate the whys and the hows.  I have tried many methods for news gathering and I can say this for sure. Rehashing the same news just doesn’t cut it. Every-time I get excited about something that just so happens to be on a large aggregator like Tech meme or even just tech news outlet like Gizmodo or Engadget. I see an initial spike but then after a very short time people just stop reading or downloading or visiting. if new content is king then NEW and FRESH content is really then the Emperor. I am trying to walk the line of new and fresh while still being a bit topical and on target with society. let me tell you this…. its not an easy task.

I spend a least 2 hours each day just keeping up with my rss feed readers. Then surfing to find some unknown new page or gadget that no one is talking about. unfortunately it happens and I am forced to go all topical on your ass and chat about the Ipad or Google or even “gulp” rehash what i just saw on Techmeme. Sorry. In the end the numbers don’t lie, If I waste your time then you stop listening and then well, we all lose out.I have no podcast if there are no listeners. I really do appreciate you all.

So for now, its back to the research trough for me. Looking for the next interesting thing to talk about for next weeks podcast.

UPDATE: I have now gone over 24 hours since my last check. its really bugging me. LOL

BTW, if you have and comment or suggestions please email me at Geek (at)