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New Season and new Contest. This one is a biggie. I will be giving away a free download of Real Life Achievement Maker by once a week for three weeks. You get three chances to win big! Thanks to JebsApps and @jpuent for hooking me up.

Here is the basics of the contest if you didn’t already know:

I will be running this like previous contests.  Just leave a comment on this post  By leaving a comment you are entered into the drawing for the Real Life Achievement Maker App. I will pick one winner each week over three weeks.

So what is Real Life Achievement Maker ( RLA ) ?

RLA Maker is the first iPhone app that lets you create custom Real Life Achievement badges for your photos! All you have to do is enter an achievement title, description, points and select (or take) a photo, it’s that easy!

Next time your out with your friends and someone does something crazy, snap a photo of them in a compromising position and save it as an unlocked achievement! Or, get a group of friends together and visit our “Ideas List” for possible Real Life Achievement, select your favorite ones and see who can accomplish them first (photo proof is required of course)! To verify you’ve completed your achievements, all photos are stored on your device and can be shared with the RLA website or via Facebook and Twitter.

There is a also a Gallery where you can see some of the Achievements already being accomplished.


If you cant wait to win a copy why not Download Now?

Ready to download RLA Maker for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device? Check it out on the App Store!

   For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.





Gallery of all Screen shots:

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new Iphone 5 is unveiled

Today is the first time in the History of Apple that an IPhone has been released not under the watch of Steve Jobs. I was eagerly watching the live blog of a few tech news sites that made it on site (thanks for not inviting me Apple).

I am not an Apple Fanboy but I do appreciate the form and function of my IPhone .Oddly enough, I am not struck with awe on the new device as its exactly what the IPhone 4s should have been. Yes it is Faster and sleeker and has LTE and other things but nothing really revolutionary.

Personally, I am not happy but also not surprised at the new Lightning connector. It will definitely suck that all my accessories need adapters now.

What do you think?