Decision collision. How I decided on a e-reader.

I recently decided to reluctantly dive into the e-reader arena and bought a kindle fire. I have fought this urge for a while now.  I am a certified hardcover reader and felt I could not deal without the pleasing heft and feel only a “real” book could afford me. For some reason I could easily discard buying a Cd and focus on mp3 with no issues. I could stop buying movies and use netflix or Hulu without feeling a tinge of guilt. Not books though. Or even comics.  There is something very primally satisfying about holding and reading a book to me.
Unfortunately,  since I also cannot bring myself to sell any of my books once read, I have an extensive collection of hardcover books that are taking up a good portion of my basement bookcases. I spent from the time the kindle Fire was released until now to crunch the numbers and for me, the Fire wins. You might be thinking that I decided on the kindle fire because of its apps or Aneroid underpinnings. Its not even because the majority of my friends have Kindles, although that did help when weighing my decision.

I will share with you what won me over.
1. It fits in my overly large bear claw hands with ease.
2. It has a nicer to navigate screen. (Albeit not always smooth)
3. It feels the most “book like” in my bear claw hands.
4. Most importantly, it has the books and magazines I want to read.

That’s about it really. It just took me this long to compare and contrast features and usability for me. I still long for the heft of a paper book, but I am enjoying the ability to carry thousands of books in less space than a pad of paper. And if you are wondering, we own an ipad and yes it has a kindle app. The ipad is too big to hold in one hand and just ….. read. The other e-readers definitely beat it there which is the last real reason I chose the Kindle Fire.

Hopefully this window into my decision process can help you decide which e-reader is right for you if you are on the fence. 

Talk to you all soon in the next episode of Geek Tech Live!


Geek Tech Live 71 Gimmie my Boxee Box, Frindie me and

In this episode I talk about:

  • brings a box of boxiness.
  • Frindie tells you who is listening to backstreet boys on Twitter.
  • TatMash lets you get that unicorn tat without shame or retribution.

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Boxee Box is Coming!

Boxee BoxOh yes. if you are at all familiar with streaming media over the network from Hulu or Netflix you are gonna love this. Up until now had just a small download that turned your PC or Mac or even Apple TV into a streamin media magnet. But in Quarter 2 of 2010 Boxee will be unveiling the Boxee Box the single most coolest hardware device since the Roku was made available to the masses a few years ago. I loved my Roku and i still have it and use it today. Boxee box seems to take it to the next level though. Here are the basic specs:

  • HDMI
  • Optical Audio
  • RCA Stereo Audio
  • WiFi (802.11n)
  • Ethernet
  • 2 USB Ports
  • SD Card Slot
  • RF Remote
  • QWERTY Keyboard

The remote with the QWERTY keyboard built in really is cool and the design of the Boxee Box is slick as well. If I can get my hands on a demo model for review I will definitely let you all know what I think. Until that happens we all have to wait for a few more months before we can buy one. No price as far as I can see has been decided on for the Boxee Box. I sure hope its as affordable as it is awesome looking. Launches Frindie, A Social Music Application for everyone Launched a new Social media experience that will allow you to enhance your music listening by finding out what their friends on major social media networks are listening to or buying to listen to. Facebook,Google,Myspace and Twitter are all covered a well as Yahoo, Bebo and Friendfeed.  The Frindie application is a tool that hooks into these social media avenues and will allow with just one click of a button the ability to view how many and of which of their friends listened to, bought, shared etc.. a particular song.  This spin on this one is that its not a bunch of strangers telling you what they like this is your friends that are letting you into the inside scoop on their listening habits, likes and dislikes.  The cool thing with Frindie is that it allows bands as well as fans to fully maximize the social networking experience. This tool will help people find new and interesting music to listen to. What better way to find music you will like and the likelihood of music you will like if you are getting those listening recommendations from your own circle of friends? I would say you are looking at a definitely cool new tool for finding and expanding your current music likes.  On top of all this sharing Frindie will also let you search for music based on the standard Categories and Groups  as well. Maybe, you will even make some new musical friends along the way and that is never a bad thing. To quote the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation “Share and Enjoy!”. Allows you to try out the Tat before you buy the ink.

tatmash.comSo, here is an interesting concept.  You think to yourself, man I wish I had a cool Tattoo but what shoudl I get? and If I do choose that  twelve in tall papa Smurf on my chest, what will it really look like? Well, now you can get the ink with no remorse and no retribution from friends by heading over to now has an online tool that will allow you to pick a spot that you would like to have a tattoo on and then choose from a multitude of designs to apply to the area.  All this can be done with no needles no ink and a lot less alcohol, ok well you can still have the alcohol but in the end when you wake up the next day instead of a regret you will have a cool picture of you sporting a tattoo that you luckily didn’t get.  For the rest of you is a great way to plan ahead for your next design. figure out if things look good before you go to the artist and even print out your thoughts to take with you to the shop. All in all its a very cool idea and definitely made me ask “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”. So check out and give yourself and your loved ones some ink!.

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Geek Tech Live 42 Review Shure SRH440 the Pixi some Blackberry 9700 and Netflix on Sony

Welcome back to another standard Audio Podcast from Geek Tech Live! in this episode:

I talk about the Palm Pixi review from Boy Genius report and how its almost but not exactly the same as a palm pre on sprints website now!

Palm Pixi

Moving along to the Crunchpad from Michael Arrington: stay on target…. stay on target!! read more here at Engadgets breaking news!

crucnhpad almost ready?

With a small update and ownership of an internet ready capable Sony Bravia TV you can now get Netflix directly on it! Wowzers! Read more here at this link!

blackberry 9700

Tmobile launches the Blackberry 9700 and I get all gushy about it… sigh. a technohead i guess can learn to love even if i am a converted Blackberry user turned Iphone apple fanboy. It is a pretty phone and its only 199.00 with a contract. read more here!

And I start out the Episode talking about my review of the Shure SRH440 headphones! this is one headphone review you have to hear to believe! ( see what i did there? I used hearing as the joke for a headphone review… too funny)

Shure SRH 440

Read more about Shure SRH 440 Headphones at Shures Website and PIck up a pair! I was so enamored with these I had to buy myself a pair of my own!

And dont forget to check out for all your holiday gift giving needs!

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 42 Review Shure SRH440 the Pixi some Blackberry 9700 and Netflix on Sony