I’m not sold on the new SDCC badge system, mostly because I dont have tickets

I tried my best this year AGAIN to get Comic con Tickets ( @SDCC ) for San Diego Comic-Con. Even with a limited set of available registrants and having to go through a complex ritual to make sure you were even able to get in virtual line for said tickets, I lost out. One of my close friends made it to #8000 or so in line from 30k and then found out that all Comic Con tickets were SOLD OUT.

Hindsight being 20/20 in this case, I should have just bought the tickets on site when I was there in 2010. This is now 2 years in a row that I am not going to SDCC through no fault of my own. I hope for everyone else out there like me who was unable to gain tickets that there is another resale of tickets soon. Maybe then I can get at least a single day pass.

This is my new White Whale.

I will be at @C2E2 as a member of the press

I just would like to take this opportunity to tell you all that I will be attending @C2E2 this year. The kicker is that I will be attending as a member of theĀ Elite … also known as Editorial Press. I will be handing out my Mini Moo cards and taking many a picture of cosplay and assorted awesomeness.

Do you want to see your picture up on the site? If you see me walking the floor wave and get your picture taken with me. I make a solemn vow that I will post every picture of every person who wants their photo taken with me. I am planning on wearing one of my Doctor Who shirts I got at @forbiddenPlanet this year in London. Maybe I will even interview you.

New Episode of Geek Tech Live will go up Late Sunday March 5th.


Please excuse the dust as we renovate.

As you have seen and heard on twitter and Facebook, I am transitioning the show to blip.tv an YouTube to better serve you all. The main rss should not be affected but if you see any issues with your current way of keeping up to date with the episodes please let me know on twitter @geektechlive .

Thank you and we oppologize for the dust as we complete the migration.

Chris, The Head Geek