One year sabbatical over?

Hi all. I’m writing this as you have probably noticed I have not been doing reviews lately and not posting at my regular fervor. 

Let me tell you why… It’s been a rough year. 

I lost a parent to cancer after trying to help take care of them. I changed real life jobs twice…. TWICE! I was hit with a rather hard depression that just made me not want to talk to anyone especially if I had to pretend to care about a gadget. These were a few of the issues that cropped up to just frankly take me away from you, my adoring fans. (You do still adore me right?)

I’m feeling better with myself and my job and I finally feel like my old self again. So please look forward to January 1 2016 as the return of the Geek! We have much to talk about you and I. I’m joining the 501st this year as soon a my armor arrives from Anovos. There will be much videoing done about that you can be sure. 

I’m also going to be at C2E2 again this year taking photos and hopefully dressed as STNG commander and ANH Stormtrooper. 😉 look for me there!

Please reach out to me on Twitter if you want me to review something for you or just want to say hi! I’m always there to talk technology and geeky subjects. 


Chris aka the Head Geek. 

3 month hiatus over

Ok people. C2E2 is officially over so I get to go back to work cranking out videos and reviews and other nonsensical stuff. Photos are skirling being worked on and will be posted soon to the site. Hope you all had a good last few months. The main focus of the show will be YouTube as the distribution channel and this site as the website view of the show. Lots to talk about. Lots to do! Lets get cranking!!!

I have a podcast… Podcasts are cool.

I have a podcast… Podcasts are cool. So are Stetsons and Bow-ties. 😉

So, I have been podcasting now for 109 episodes. I have never yet had to answer this question but I know a few people
may be thinking it. “why should I be listening to chris? What’s his background?”. Firstly, to everyone who has stuck with me and become an avid listener, thanks! For all you new listeners and readers, sit back and enjoy the show. So, what makes me an “expert”? First of all I don’t really believe in that word. I would rather say I am passionate for technology in all it’s forms. From a digital display that monitors my saltwater reef tank with embedded web server to my canon 7D it really doesn’t matter what the tech is I can’t get enough of it.

My day job is in Information Technology and my job is to engineer new solutions often from very different sides of
technology. I provide solutions and I have been doing this for over 14 years. I started in Helpdesk and honestly have worked my way up to where I am today just by learning talking and loving computers and related technology. On a side note the original show was going to be called “talking tech” but it was already grabbed by a domain squatter. 🙁

My first electronic device I remember is Pong. Then came a TI 99/4a and Atari, followed by a PC jr and so on up to today. The list is quite ginormous and I probably should do a separate post of all the stuff I have had over the years. That would be cool. Along the way to here I geeked out on D&D, Basic programming, electronics, photography and the web. In college I originally was a biology major and when I was told by the computer lab sysadmin that I logged as much time as him online and I was the only non-compsci major with a web page I was kindly asked to change majors. This was just when Gopher was slowly being replaced by the Mosaic browser. It was only natural I would end up working on computers as my daily life.

So basically what I am trying to do here on the show is to inform, educate and mostly just chat about the technology I love.The show is just an extension of my love of talking about technology to anyone that will listen to me. Also, If I can help out someone in deciding on a technology decision I am the happiest little nerd in the bunch. And that’s why I think you should listen to me and tell your friends, mom, boss, sister and brother to listen to me. And if you or they have a tech question, send them to me at talktech (at) or when I am recording the podcast live hit the “Live Geek” link above jump into the live chat and ask me during the show. I’ll give you my undivided attention and hopefully we can both learn something.
Cheers Chris