Geek Tech Live 71 Gimmie my Boxee Box, Frindie me and

In this episode I talk about:

  • brings a box of boxiness.
  • Frindie tells you who is listening to backstreet boys on Twitter.
  • TatMash lets you get that unicorn tat without shame or retribution.

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Boxee Box is Coming!

Boxee BoxOh yes. if you are at all familiar with streaming media over the network from Hulu or Netflix you are gonna love this. Up until now had just a small download that turned your PC or Mac or even Apple TV into a streamin media magnet. But in Quarter 2 of 2010 Boxee will be unveiling the Boxee Box the single most coolest hardware device since the Roku was made available to the masses a few years ago. I loved my Roku and i still have it and use it today. Boxee box seems to take it to the next level though. Here are the basic specs:

  • HDMI
  • Optical Audio
  • RCA Stereo Audio
  • WiFi (802.11n)
  • Ethernet
  • 2 USB Ports
  • SD Card Slot
  • RF Remote
  • QWERTY Keyboard

The remote with the QWERTY keyboard built in really is cool and the design of the Boxee Box is slick as well. If I can get my hands on a demo model for review I will definitely let you all know what I think. Until that happens we all have to wait for a few more months before we can buy one. No price as far as I can see has been decided on for the Boxee Box. I sure hope its as affordable as it is awesome looking. Launches Frindie, A Social Music Application for everyone Launched a new Social media experience that will allow you to enhance your music listening by finding out what their friends on major social media networks are listening to or buying to listen to. Facebook,Google,Myspace and Twitter are all covered a well as Yahoo, Bebo and Friendfeed.  The Frindie application is a tool that hooks into these social media avenues and will allow with just one click of a button the ability to view how many and of which of their friends listened to, bought, shared etc.. a particular song.  This spin on this one is that its not a bunch of strangers telling you what they like this is your friends that are letting you into the inside scoop on their listening habits, likes and dislikes.  The cool thing with Frindie is that it allows bands as well as fans to fully maximize the social networking experience. This tool will help people find new and interesting music to listen to. What better way to find music you will like and the likelihood of music you will like if you are getting those listening recommendations from your own circle of friends? I would say you are looking at a definitely cool new tool for finding and expanding your current music likes.  On top of all this sharing Frindie will also let you search for music based on the standard Categories and Groups  as well. Maybe, you will even make some new musical friends along the way and that is never a bad thing. To quote the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation “Share and Enjoy!”. Allows you to try out the Tat before you buy the ink.

tatmash.comSo, here is an interesting concept.  You think to yourself, man I wish I had a cool Tattoo but what shoudl I get? and If I do choose that  twelve in tall papa Smurf on my chest, what will it really look like? Well, now you can get the ink with no remorse and no retribution from friends by heading over to now has an online tool that will allow you to pick a spot that you would like to have a tattoo on and then choose from a multitude of designs to apply to the area.  All this can be done with no needles no ink and a lot less alcohol, ok well you can still have the alcohol but in the end when you wake up the next day instead of a regret you will have a cool picture of you sporting a tattoo that you luckily didn’t get.  For the rest of you is a great way to plan ahead for your next design. figure out if things look good before you go to the artist and even print out your thoughts to take with you to the shop. All in all its a very cool idea and definitely made me ask “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”. So check out and give yourself and your loved ones some ink!.

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Geek Tech Live 70 DvdFab 7.x takes on Avatar BD+, Become Iron Man and be my Twiend?

Welcome to Episode 70 of Geek Tech Live! in this episode I am going to chat about:

  • DVDFab 7.x gets released the same day as Avatar and the new BD+ … coincedence? I thinks not!
  • Wanna be Iron Man? well UK Iron Man 2 site will let you
  • Twiends builds twitter communities with some incentives

DVDFab 7.x is released on the same day at Avatar on Blu-ray with stronger BD+ and defeats it!

Avatar was released on April 23rd and on the Same day DVDFab 7.x was released to allow you to back that disk up! DVDFab 7.x will automatically support the newer BD+ security because DVD Fab uses web services to support BD+ on the server side of things so you get the support without having to update the software! everyone wins! Making backups of your movies saves you the cost of having to buy another disk after your dog decides its a great chew toy. trust me on that.

Even if your last name isn’t Stark you can still be Iron Man

The UK Iron Man 2 site has out done themselves this time.  If youc ant wait until the movie comes out or just want to impress your friends and tell them you might be related to Tony Stark from an unknown relative this is the site. After you download a small add on for Mac or PC you turn on your web cam and  Iron Man or War Machine can be your face. I just love these types of sites. its a great way to play around and pretend to be Iron Man or whoever the Augmented Reality persona is. The fact that it is Iron Man just seals the deal for me. The only other cool one I would love to see is a Spider-Man AR website. That would be awesome! and come to think of it. did James Cameron miss out on this? I don’t remember any Avatar Augmented reality websites out there when the movie hit theaters. I cant believe Mr Cameron didn’t want to do this. has a great write of the site as well so don’t take my word for it read UberGizmo’s post

Will you be My Twiend?

Yes I said be my “Twiend”. is a Social Media Community building application. its based on the credit and incentive system at its heart. You buy credits and then when people follow you they get a certain number of credits to their name. the more credits they have then means more people will follow them and get those credits passed down to them and so on, and so on. You dont need to buy any credits so don’t put this off because of the nature of my last sentence.  Twiends will give you intros for free but credits will speed up the process. The more credits you have though the more exposure you get on the site and of course that should translate into more followers on twitter. They have a ranking system to tell you if you share interests or share some of the same followers. Its all very intuitive and easy to learn and use. Head on over to and see for yourself. In my opinion this is a neat little idea and definitely will build little communities and build twitter audiences and your reach into the twitterverse.

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Geek Tech Live Ep 61 SXSW Disney goes Tron crazy a Tetris chair portal 2 and Ipad pre-sale

Geek Tech Live 61

Sunday March 14th edition.

On this episode of GeekTech Live:

  • SXSW …. wish I could have gone sounds like a lot of fun. Texas is always a blast!
  • Tettris chair for your game seating needs.
  • More portal 2 info leaked out
  • Disney Monorail replaced with a Tron Lightcycle?
  • Line up at the trough the IPad preorder begins!

Hi everyone, wow its been a weird week over here, if you have been reading my tweets on twitter at @geektechlive
you have heard me talking about my new fish tank build. well that has
taken a big step forward but took most of the weekend. I am now behind
schedule for the week but trying to catch up fast. If you hear my voice
crackle a bit the fumes from the PVC cement really did a number on me
sneezing and coughing most of today.

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South by Southwest, or SXSW
for all the cool kids is THE event for Music, Movies and
interactive/social media. I have seen tweets from all the major players
in attendance. I think that next year I will be going to Comic-con AND
SXSW. from what I have seen online and heard in the twitstream it
really looks awesome! To quote telling what the gathering is :

after year, the event is a launching pad for new creative content. New
media presentations, music showcases and film screenings provide
buzz-generating exposure for creators and compelling entertainment for
audiences. Conference panel discussions present a forum for learning,
business activity thrives at the Trade Shows and global networking
opportunities abound. Austin serves as the perfect backdrop for SXSW®,
where career development flourishes amid the relaxed atmosphere.
Intellectual and creative intermingling among industry leaders
continues to spark new ideas and carve the path for the future of each
ever-evolving field, long after the events’ conclusion.


Tetris Chair

UberGizmo had a cool if not albeit uncomfortable chair in the shape
of Tetris tiles. A Mexican Industrial Designer named Gabriel Canas
designed the chair for all us geeks out there. No price is set on the
chair or if it will be sold at all. but still it IS pretty cool.

Now I just need a Galaga end table and Qbert TV tables and I would be set!


More Portal 2 Info has the scoop on Portal 2 and some more defined details of what the game will be about, where and when it takes place.

To quote

  • The game takes place hundreds of years after the original. Hence why the Aperture centre looks a lot like a jungle possibly.
  • GlaDOS returns as the main villain, with the subject from the last game, Chell, coming back to be the protagonist.
  • The co-op campaign is separate from the main story in the game. It lets you play as two bipedal robots.
  • Those personality cores thrown into the fire at the end of the
    last game? They’ve shut off areas of the Aperture lab and made it their
  • Physics has a bigger role this time, with one demo showing a
    portal could be used from an air vent to suck air from one area to an
  • Reflection cubes will be added to the game for laser-based puzzles.
  • Valve had no idea Portal 1 would be so big.
  • The original Portal was seen as a “test bed”. The sequel will be a fully fledged title.

So there you have it! more info on the Portal 2 Game
soon to become reality. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope a
beta test group opens up for us to try it out.


Disney Replaces Monorail with Tron Lightcycles!

Ok not really but still these shots I found at are
truly getting me pumped up for the movie. If Only I could get my own
Lightcycle. If I do ever get one you will be the first to know. Thanks
Steve Weintraub of for posting this shot! Love it!


Ipad Preorders open the floodgates of Early Adopters

I like new tech. I really do. I even will buy some tech on preorder
if I can see or feel a demo unit of it or at least glimpse it behind a
glass box on a pedestal. I have unfortunately not been able to score an
Apple Ipad to review for testing purposes and I cant seem to find a
reasonable demo unit to play with either. Compared to the big boys like
Twit or crunch gear I am just some guy with a mic and a really great
Barry White smooth voice so I dont get the uber-cool gadgets to
review…. yet. to quote Anthony Dinozzo of NCIS ” Working on it Boss!”

All that being said, as I continue to see the early adoption sales peak past 120k according to techmeme
I am even more inclined to wait a bit. I think based on what I am
reading I will be leaning toward the 3G model as your not tied to a
commitment for the 3G. I do believe that there may be some issues with
the first generation Ipad as all new first generation devices are akin
to have. Articles like PC World’s ” Ipad Pre-orders: for Idiots Only”
really got me thinking how I want to spend my Discretionary Gadget
cash. I am not ruling out the fact I want one. but I also want the next
Iphone and I LOVE my Iphone.

So, are you going to pre-order? have you already? which Ipad did you get? c’mon! dish! I really would love to know!

links via

that’s it everyone. Happy St. Patty’s Day and I will see you all in a
few days! You can always follow me on Twitter @Geektechlive or on
Facebook at .

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live Ep 61 SXSW Disney goes Tron crazy a Tetris chair portal 2 and Ipad pre-sale

Geek Tech Live 59 SSD drives DOD social media and six more Android Apps to download

Welcome to Geek Tech Live 59

I would first like to state my deepest sympathies for the people in Chile who are dealing with the earthquake aftermath. Mother Earth seems to be pissed right now. Lets hope we can help Gaia regain some balance and soon. On this episode of Geek Tech Live I will be talking about

  • Corsair SSD drives are released sooner than expected.
  • DOD social media policy?
  • 6 More free Android apps that are cool.

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Corsair SSD drives are released sooner than expected.

Way sooner than expected Corsair released two offerings in the SSD category. The New SSDs utilize JMicron JMF612 and Indilinx BarefootT controller technologies.

The Reactor Series, coming in 60GB and 120GB drive capacities, is built using a new JMicron JMF612 controller. This controller has 128MB of DDR2 cache memory built in. The 120GB Reactor SSD delivers speeds of up to 250MB/s read and 170MB/s write, while the 60GB Reactor SeriesSSD features speeds up to 250MB/s read and 110 MB/s write.

The Nova Series uses a Indilinx Barefoot controller with 64MB of cache memory, and come in sizes of 64GB and 128GB. The 128GB SSD is able to read at 270MB/second and write at 190MB/second , while the 64GB Nova Series SSD delivers speeds up to 270MB/s read and 130MB/s write.

Both SSDs will support the TRIM command in Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems, which automatically maintains performance over the lifetime of the drives.

This is where it is very interesting I was expecting these to not be available for a little while now but… The Reactor Series and Nova Series are available immediately from Corsair’s authorized distributors and resellers worldwide and are backed by a Two-Year Limited Warranty.

Via Hot

DOD social media policy?

For a long time now the Government has been struggling with how to deal with Social Media as a whole. Twitter and Facebook along with all the other major players can be seen as a large security hole as well as time waster by the Government. In a recently release memo from the DOD the new directive requires military and defense agency leaders to make Internet capabilities via the military’s unclassified but sensitive network available across all of DOD.Until now, some leaders have prevented or severely limited such access.

The Memo really only details the importance of Social Media to the function of Government. It does nothing to actually enforce any specific guidelines. This memo is really just a first step to show that Social Media is a valid part of Government and also tie in the fact that Security is still the utmost priority for ANY data, most especially data transmitted over Social Media venues.

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, invited followers on his Facebook page to view the new social media policy, demonstrating the value of the technology.


6 More free Android apps that are cool.

In my previous Podcasts I covered a few Android apps that were free and cool. Well, here are six more free apps that are very cool and not found on the IPhone.


OpenHome lets you fully customize your home screen/desktop. Something the IPhone would not let you do Evah!


Google Voice

Everyone already knows about this. Visual Voicemail Texts, ability to combine Phone numbers to your own hunt groups, screen calls, etc… Google Voice is a very cool app.


Been wanting a fully featured NES emulator? well look no further NESoid is here! lite version is free and full version is $3.49

Google Finance

This app syncs directly with your Google Finance account and gives you up to the minute info on stocks and any other investments you may have.

Google Listen

I cant put it any better than Mashable author Matt Silverman Stated in the article:

Google Listen is a unique offering from Google Labs that functions like a search engine and subscription tool for podcasts across the web. If you’re on the train and realize you’ve forgotten to download the latest episode of NPR’s This American Life, simply fire up Google Listen, search for it, and stream it immediately, from the source. Google Listen effectively eliminates the need to download podcasts or connect your handset to your computer. And with subscription options built in, once you find a show you like, you’ll never miss an episode while you’re on the go.

Gmail and Google Calendar

Need I say more about this? Gmail and Calendar sync support and well its just a cool addition.


Well, Thats it for  This Episode of Geek Tech Live. Check me out on Facebook and Fan the Podcast or see me on Twitter as well. 

Talk to you all in a few days!

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 59 SSD drives DOD social media and six more Android Apps to download