Geek Tech Live 70 DvdFab 7.x takes on Avatar BD+, Become Iron Man and be my Twiend?

Welcome to Episode 70 of Geek Tech Live! in this episode I am going to chat about:

  • DVDFab 7.x gets released the same day as Avatar and the new BD+ … coincedence? I thinks not!
  • Wanna be Iron Man? well UK Iron Man 2 site will let you
  • Twiends builds twitter communities with some incentives

DVDFab 7.x is released on the same day at Avatar on Blu-ray with stronger BD+ and defeats it!

Avatar was released on April 23rd and on the Same day DVDFab 7.x was released to allow you to back that disk up! DVDFab 7.x will automatically support the newer BD+ security because DVD Fab uses web services to support BD+ on the server side of things so you get the support without having to update the software! everyone wins! Making backups of your movies saves you the cost of having to buy another disk after your dog decides its a great chew toy. trust me on that.

Even if your last name isn’t Stark you can still be Iron Man

The UK Iron Man 2 site has out done themselves this time.  If youc ant wait until the movie comes out or just want to impress your friends and tell them you might be related to Tony Stark from an unknown relative this is the site. After you download a small add on for Mac or PC you turn on your web cam and  Iron Man or War Machine can be your face. I just love these types of sites. its a great way to play around and pretend to be Iron Man or whoever the Augmented Reality persona is. The fact that it is Iron Man just seals the deal for me. The only other cool one I would love to see is a Spider-Man AR website. That would be awesome! and come to think of it. did James Cameron miss out on this? I don’t remember any Avatar Augmented reality websites out there when the movie hit theaters. I cant believe Mr Cameron didn’t want to do this. has a great write of the site as well so don’t take my word for it read UberGizmo’s post

Will you be My Twiend?

Yes I said be my “Twiend”. is a Social Media Community building application. its based on the credit and incentive system at its heart. You buy credits and then when people follow you they get a certain number of credits to their name. the more credits they have then means more people will follow them and get those credits passed down to them and so on, and so on. You dont need to buy any credits so don’t put this off because of the nature of my last sentence.  Twiends will give you intros for free but credits will speed up the process. The more credits you have though the more exposure you get on the site and of course that should translate into more followers on twitter. They have a ranking system to tell you if you share interests or share some of the same followers. Its all very intuitive and easy to learn and use. Head on over to and see for yourself. In my opinion this is a neat little idea and definitely will build little communities and build twitter audiences and your reach into the twitterverse.

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