A Battery That Will Survive 40,000 Charges?


As a green society we need to be able to recycle as much as we can and pollute less. We are getting close to being able to get sustainable technology and a way to power it that is not reliant on power that only ends up in landfills. The best way currently other than use Photovoltaic cells is rechargeable batteries.  Gizmodo has a nice little article on where science is in creating a long term use rechargeable battery. We are so close!




Can Scientists Make a Battery That Will Survive 40,000 Charges?.

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON to Open Exclusively in 3D and IMAX at 9pm on Tuesday June 28th

“TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON” to Open Exclusively in 3D and IMAX at 9pm on Tuesday, June 28th

PR Newswire

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Paramount Pictures announced today it will open Michael Bay‘s TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON exclusively at 3D and IMAX locations across the country beginning at 9PM local time on Tuesday, June 28th, allowing moviegoers nationwide to be among the first to see the latest installment in the hit franchise, and the first to be shot in 3D. The movie will open wide beginning at 12AM on June 29th.

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Michael Bay has created an incredibly engaging and immersive 3D experience with this latest movie, one that will undoubtedly be among the most entertaining movie going experiences of the summer,” said Paramount’s Vice Chairman Rob Moore. “Providing fans an opportunity to see it early in 3D is a great way to kick off the movie’s opening.”

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON is directed by Michael Bay, written by Ehren Kruger and produced by Don Murphy & Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Ian Bryce. The executive producers are Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Brian Goldner and Mark Vahradian. When a mysterious event from Earth’s past erupts into the present day it threatens to bring a war to Earth so big that the Transformers alone will not be able to save us. The movie stars Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Tyrese Gibson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Patrick Dempsey, Kevin Dunn, Julie White with John Malkovich and Frances McDormand.

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Geek Tech Live 101 HAST Display, Wi-fi direct and Samsung helped Chliean Miners

This is Chris your host and Welcome again to Geek Tech Live “I’m back baby!”

In this episode :

  • HAST a la Video from Japan!
  • Wi-fi Direct and the unified theory of connectivity.
  • Chilean Miners watched movies on Samsung Galaxy Beam Phone.

Calm down… Calm down! Its time for Geek Tech Live!

HAST a la Video from Japan!

OrtusTech has unveiled a new display that blows away the retinia display specs on the Iphone 4. Its called HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) and was realized through the application of various original ORTUS TECHNOLOGY technologies: This display isn’t attached to a phone but can be applied to any devices or applications where you want to see things that are so sharp and clear it might cut your eyeballs.  The Specs of the display are crazy! at 4.8 inches wide it packs a 1,920×1,080 resolution and a pixel density of 458ppi. Its ultra high performance and is 100+ ppi denser than the Iphone REtina display.  So I have a question though. It was said by Apple that the Retina display has so many pixels that any more could not be percieved by the average human eye. so, will the HAST display even look any better or are we just going to have to believe that it is better? We will just have to wait and see.

Wi-fi Direct and the unified theory of connectivity.

Wi-fi.org is going to set the world ablaze.Well, OK maybe not ablaze but they are going to connect every wi-fi device to every other Wi-fi device using Wi-fi direct.  Here is a Vimeo Video that explains how this will all work.

This technology will basically let anything that has a Wi-fi connection to be able to communicate. So you can send Images to your Ipad from a Wi-fi enabled camera, or long range personal gaming. Lots of possibilities exist and all of them could be the end of blue tooth as the connectivity of choice.

Chilean Miners watched movies on Samsung Galaxy Beam Phone.

To Quote Samsung from the Samsunghub.com:

While Chilean Mine workers were trapped in a copper-gold mine, they were sent Samsung’s Galaxy Beam phones for entertainment purposes. Different items were sent through a hole, which also included the projector phone.

The Galaxy Beam was loaded with a “message of encouragement” from Chile’s mining minister as well as movies and recording of a friendly football match between Chile and Ukraine.

We’re proud that our technology could play a part in this mining miracle.

So, not only were the miners on an exercise regimen they also got at least a small comfort of visual entertainment while they were waiting to be saved. Good on you Samsung for what you did. That was awesome.

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