Apple Bans Screen film …What?

OK, yeah I am a little bit of an Apple fan. I was a blackberry fan and just finally wanted to have more fun over function so I went Iphone and I don’t regret it.

Yes, it is a closed system compared to other operating systems. I know that it is and I am ok with it to get the fun I want to get from the device. now, don’t get me wrong here, I dont like it but I see it as a give and take sort of relationship. Unfortunately, Apple has started to seem more take recently but I kinda chalked it up to normal paranoia. First there was the lawsuits,but then the banning of screen protectors???oh wait… of COURSE banning of screen protectors. I must have forgotten the fact that all iphones are impervious to any nick or scratch by even the hardest tungsten blades. This makes absolutely no sense. It is about as rational a statement as Apple stating that it will only allow multitouch to operate when the index finger and the thumb are used, if not used in such a manner the device will “phone home” and you will be charged $.99 for multitouch infringement.

Apple, I luv ya.. but, what gives?


So, how am I doing? Comment away!

Hi all episode 50 is up and live. I have done my best at getting the site looking better and hopefully more engaging. Added facebook and email and much nicer commenting sytem to the site as well. I hope you find the content and production quality of the show better as well. I am writing this from my iPhone to test the theory that I can blog effectively while staying mobile.

What are your thoughts? How am I doing? Things you would like to see changed to the show or site?

Things I have recently done are:

I added the ability to email and subscribe to email updates for the site.

Changed my tweet blogging to grab digest style instead of the daily barrage of tweets.

Anything else ? Let me know in the comments.