Geek Tech Live 70 DvdFab 7.x takes on Avatar BD+, Become Iron Man and be my Twiend?

Welcome to Episode 70 of Geek Tech Live! in this episode I am going to chat about:

  • DVDFab 7.x gets released the same day as Avatar and the new BD+ … coincedence? I thinks not!
  • Wanna be Iron Man? well UK Iron Man 2 site will let you
  • Twiends builds twitter communities with some incentives

DVDFab 7.x is released on the same day at Avatar on Blu-ray with stronger BD+ and defeats it!

Avatar was released on April 23rd and on the Same day DVDFab 7.x was released to allow you to back that disk up! DVDFab 7.x will automatically support the newer BD+ security because DVD Fab uses web services to support BD+ on the server side of things so you get the support without having to update the software! everyone wins! Making backups of your movies saves you the cost of having to buy another disk after your dog decides its a great chew toy. trust me on that.

Even if your last name isn’t Stark you can still be Iron Man

The UK Iron Man 2 site has out done themselves this time.  If youc ant wait until the movie comes out or just want to impress your friends and tell them you might be related to Tony Stark from an unknown relative this is the site. After you download a small add on for Mac or PC you turn on your web cam and  Iron Man or War Machine can be your face. I just love these types of sites. its a great way to play around and pretend to be Iron Man or whoever the Augmented Reality persona is. The fact that it is Iron Man just seals the deal for me. The only other cool one I would love to see is a Spider-Man AR website. That would be awesome! and come to think of it. did James Cameron miss out on this? I don’t remember any Avatar Augmented reality websites out there when the movie hit theaters. I cant believe Mr Cameron didn’t want to do this. has a great write of the site as well so don’t take my word for it read UberGizmo’s post

Will you be My Twiend?

Yes I said be my “Twiend”. is a Social Media Community building application. its based on the credit and incentive system at its heart. You buy credits and then when people follow you they get a certain number of credits to their name. the more credits they have then means more people will follow them and get those credits passed down to them and so on, and so on. You dont need to buy any credits so don’t put this off because of the nature of my last sentence.  Twiends will give you intros for free but credits will speed up the process. The more credits you have though the more exposure you get on the site and of course that should translate into more followers on twitter. They have a ranking system to tell you if you share interests or share some of the same followers. Its all very intuitive and easy to learn and use. Head on over to and see for yourself. In my opinion this is a neat little idea and definitely will build little communities and build twitter audiences and your reach into the twitterverse.

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Geek Tech Live 56 Whats the Buzz about Google Buzz and Aperture 3

Geek Tech Live 56

Google Buzz and Apple Aperture 3

Google Buzz:

Google Buzz image

So, Whats all the Buzz about Google Buzz? Well, I got into a bit of detail on that as well as my thoughts of using it after a while. I explain where I think it will fit in to the interverse and if its a twitter killer or just a rogue wave… get it? google wave… rogue wave.. oh well.

Aperture 3 Released by Apple:

Aperture 3 image

I also talk for a bit about the new Aperture 3 released by Apple and my thoughts on the product and how it works. There is even a 30 day trial to see how you like it and the price cant be beat at $199

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 56 Whats the Buzz about Google Buzz and Aperture 3

Geek Tech Live 52 Nexus one Censor Twitpic of TCC worker fail zoodak localEats Haiti relief and RadNerd

Geek Tech Live Ep 52!


Geek Tech Live



Ok People! welcome to another installment of ! This episode is brought to you by Check out my Offers page at for all the Promo Codes to save you money on your next purchase at!

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Ok on to the Show!

Lets talk about  an Epic fail for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) .

A lone TwitPic of a sleeping ticket collector has created a huge argument from citizens and media on the price hikes of the TCC fares and then to have a sleeping transit worker.. eek! not good.


TCC napping worker



  this photo made it to Twitter and TwitPic on the 21st and its brought enough media attention that the TCC is now in firefight mode.  Read more about the Pic and the outrage at


Skynet.. ahem.. Google Nexus One censors your Speech to text.

really? I dont have a lot of problems with accidentally recording myself talking to text and then firing out hundreds of emails to my co-workers. alas google is just “keeping you safe” thanks! Skynet!


Google Nexus One Censorship



Reuters discovered that the innovative voice recognition feature converts swear words into a string of # symbols when rendered into text.

Read more on  What the ###: Google’s NExus ONe Censors Your Curse words.  Are we F###  doomed? find out at the above link.

 Top Smartphone App LocalEats Donating 100 Percent of App Revenue to Haiti Relief Until March 1

 Top-selling smartphone dining application LocalEats announced yesterday that it is donating 100% of all its mobile app revenue, starting today and until March 1, to the American Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.




 Brentwood, TN (PRWEB) January 21, 2010 — LocalEats, a leading iPhone and BlackBerry Storm dining application and creator of popular website, announced yesterday that it has released its LocalEats app for the Android platform and that it is donating 100% of all its mobile app revenue, until March 1, to the American Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

Awesome Job Guys! and to you guys reading this or listening to the podcast… go and donate now!

 Zoodak is First to Release A Facebook Application for A Fantasy Stock Market Game

 San Ramon, CA (PRWEB) January 22, 2010 — Zoodak has just released the first Facebook application that allows users to play fantasy stock trading within Facebook. Zoodak’s Facebook application features all of the gaming and social networking that has; players can make predictions, create a portfolio, and apply knowledge all without having to leave Facebook or complete a registration. Using a web-mail address book or Facebook account, users can customize invitations and invite friends to play with them.

 “Zoodak combines the concept of virtual stock trading, market analysis, gaming and social networking in one easy-to-use and fun environment,” said Zoodak’s Chief Marketing Officer, Adrian Peña. ZooStreet,’s social networking feature is one of Zoodak’s biggest advantages over other stock market games. Players can access this, along with all of the the other features on, including the game, through the application on Zoodak’s Facebook page. Zoodak’s Facebook application is the first online stock market game that automatically logs players on to the site and allows them to engage with the game directly from within Facebook. Instead of having to fill in information on a registration page, the automatic registration gets users immediately signed in, playing the game, and on their way to winning cash prizes in tournaments.”

 Found a Great new Internet Television Show and its Live! Cool! or should I say … RAD!


Rad Nerd



 I was surfing the net and came across on this internet Tv network I found a really cool show called The RadNerd Show . The hosts are Beau Ryan, Leo Camacho, as well as manning the chat room is Amra “Flitz” Ricketts and dont forget Damian Beurer who does the Comic book reviews etc..

Since this is Internet Television there is no filter so be warned. The nexus one wont be Hashing out the swear words on this show! The previous guest was Chris Gore of fame and DVDDuesday on Attack of the show all  live and uncensored…Awesome!!

Check them out at

as well as on the site Live PST at 10pm

If you want to read up on the hosts here is some links on contacting  them.

Beau Ryan | Host/Producer | twitter: @BeauRyan

Leo Camacho | Host/Creative Director | twitter: @LeoZombie

Amra “Flitz” Ricketts | Guest Host/Co-Producer/Video Editor | twitter: @Flitz

Damian Beurer | Guest Host/Co-Producer | twitter: @DJBeurer

 Ok, well thats it for GTL episode 52. You can reach me at twitter at @Geektechlive send me an email or subscribe to my RSS feeds at Http:// or friend me up at Geektechlive on facebook

ok see you all real soon!

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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 52 Nexus one Censor Twitpic of TCC worker fail zoodak localEats Haiti relief and RadNerd

Geek Tech Live 51 IS9181 review PDFMyURL and 132 people to follow

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Geek Tech Live 51 Some gadgety goodness, news and a review of the Vtech IS9181 Wifi Internet Radio.

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So, with that out of the way lets move on to the meat of this Episode of Geek Tech Live. the review of the IS9181 from Vtech.  

Front of IS9181

Want access to global radio stations but hate the price of Satellite radio costs? Well, look no further! Move over Bose Wave Radio! Vtech the maker of fine cordless telephones for the home has created an Internet Radio streaming device called the IS9181.  Vtech packs a lot of punch into a very small package.  With the IS9181 you can stream music across your 802.11 b/g WiFi network with “Best-in-Class” range.  You will need broadband Internet service and a home WiFi network router but who doesn’t have one of those these days? Once you have it set up the IS9181 allows you to listen to Internet radio from the available 11,000 stations with no monthly fee! Beat that Satellite providers! the ease of use is very apparent, you can access Internet radio stations from Vtech’s user-friendly online site or on the device itself.

Now just being able to stream Internet Radio wasn’t enough for Vtech. You can also play music from any audio device (i.e. CD player, MP3 player, etc) and connect to any stereo system or powered speakers to access streaming Internet radio or music files stored on a PC or Mac. It even has a Built-in FM radio tuner for local FM broadcast service.

You will also be getting big sound out of that small package since the IS9181 has Hi-Fidelity built-in 3W tuned stereo speakers and a 10W subwoofer with class D amplifier for each speaker that can fill any room. It even has a built in Alarm Clock so you can wake up to radio Brazil or BBC Radio 1 every morning! And speaking of settings… Setting the time on the IS9181 is a snap as you can use Internet Time servers to get atomic clock precision without mucking about manually setting the time. It can run on batteries or included AC adapter power too. This thing seems to do everything and it does it quite well! to top it all off, punch in your zip code and receive 5 day weather forecasts right on the large full color screen. It only weighs in at 4 lbs and is 6.3″ x 12.4″ x 3.5″. Wow! You gotta hear it to believe it. And I did so lets get into the meat of the review!

I received the unit from Vtech and proceeded to unbox it. I would like to say right here that I was not compensated in any way by Vtech for this review. I received a loaner unit and as always it was I that asked them if I could try it out and kick the tires on it since I was interested in how it stacked up to other Wifi radio units on the market. I was actually amazed at how small this device really is. I was expecting something a bit larger and began to get worried that it wasn’t going to live up to an level of audio quality i was looking and hoping for. To help reference the size I placed a 25 cent piece in frame in a few shots. as you can see below its small and would fit into any AV shelf system living room or bedroom for that matter.

Small top shot of unit
top shot of IS9181

Controls are well spaced out and looked to be very well designed for the function they were to perform.
top shot of controls

Closeup of Controls 

Shot of the Power Cord and Aux Cables
Power cords and aux cable

In the box you get the receiver, a mini remote, a power cord and an aux audio cord as well as some assorted manuals, quick start guides etc… So I plugged the unit in and started the boot up sequence.

Start up sequence
The actual sequence can take a minute or so and I did like the progress bar on the bottom of the screen so I knew how much longer i needed to wait.

Once the system booted up I needed to connect it to the wireless broadband connection in my house.  The IS9181 found my SSID fine and I then proceeded to put in my Wireless key which if you are like me and have a very long one was a bit of a pain in the butt on the scroll wheel. I had to scroll to the letter or number and then press a button next to the scroll wheel to select it. It reminded me of trying to leave a message on my Xbox using the controller. you can do it and it works…. its just time consuming and a pain.

Wireless key entry 

Almost any time I had to input more than a few letters I found myself slowing down a lot to make sure i did not mess an input up and have to redo it. Even the Zip code entry was a bit frustrating.

Zipcode entry

This by the way could be chalked up to the fact this was my first time using this input system and I was trying to document my progress so your frustration may vary. 🙂  I will say that it did get a bit easier to use the more i fiddled with the controls.

Once I got the system on my wireless network and punched in the Zip code  and set the Clock via the Internet time servers. I was presented with a nice Menu Screen asking my what function I wanted to use.

Selection source

The IS9181 will not only stream Internet radio but can also function as an alarm clock or FM radio ( AM is dead right?) . Oh yeah it also has outputs so you can hook it up to a bigger stereo or speaker system if the speakers themselves don’t do it for you. I was actually pleasantly surprised on the sound output from small speakers like they are. There was no real good way to get a picture of the speakers but it does have front firing stereo speakers and a down firing subwoofer of bass reproduction.

So from here I chose Internet radio and  had the choice of Genres, Locations languages  most popular stations or My stations ( If I created Favorites)  so I chose locations, then Europe AND then UK

Genres screen

europe list on IS9181

and then finally BBC Radio 1. did I mention there are 11 thousand stations you can tune in to?  I chose Radio 1 as I have Sirius in my car and i figured it would be a good comparison. I was wrong.  Sirius Does a 6 hour time delay on their broadcasts so I could only listen to live radio on the IS9181 and not a direct comparison to my Sirius unit.  Either way the station came in fine and was very clear. There is a short buffering segment when you choose a channel but over all it wasn’t too bad of a wait.. just a few seconds while it told you it was “connecting to [Station Name]”

Connecting to BBC Radio 1

I switched gears a bit now and decided to seek out some lesser known stations.  I was able to find radio stations in Grand Cayman and Jamaica. I ran a speed test on my system and so I can confirm my download speed was never below 5MB/Sec some stations just don’t make the trip over the interwaves so well. I would gather this is because of the recording and broadcasting setup they have in their locations. Grand Cayman was a bit on the fuzzy side. Kind of less than 128k stream ish sounding overall.

One other cool feature of this device is the Weather brought to you by .  You remember I stated I had to input my zip code? Well , the reason is that the IS9181 will go out and grab a 5 day forecast for you and let you view it while still listening to your streaming audio. neat!

Accuweather on Is9181

I was also a snap to point the IS9181 to a windows and mac share and stream my own Mp3’s over the wireless network to the device. IT does this quite well and the documentation is a breeze to read and understand.

Over all I give this a 4 out of 5 for Functions and a  a 4 out of 5 for not needlessly packing it full of touch-screens or widgets that would break.. I liked the Analog nature of the device all buttons and switches…. and I give it 2.5 out of 5 for usability with the scroll wheel and lack of an Ethernet port.

Ok, so here is where the rubber hits the road… I give it then a combined score of a 3 out of 5  which is pretty good . It’s a buy, not a pass or a wait. The price is competitive with other devices and it comes with a full feature set..  Sure, you could stream ANY of these stations if you just had a laptop but for a bedroom or a den with a big set of speakers it fits in nicely and can act as not only an internet radio player but a music streamer as well.  for more information on the Vtech IS9181 check out their website at There you can see some cool videos  of Quantic using the IS9181 to created mixes as well as more Gallery images and Full specifications list of the machine.  Vtech has even set up the site to allow you to find stations and get them in your IS9181. Check them out.

Ok, so that was the  review… Lets see what else I scrapped off the walls of the intertubes this week that is interesting.

PDFMyURL I saw fly by on twitter recently!  . This site allows you to essentially take a snapshot of your site or any site for that matter and make it a PDF. IT definitely makes it easier to get pictures into powerpoint slides or presentations by doing this. And almost as easy as a screen grab. All for free!

I also saw that @GeekTyrant who I follow on Twitter was mentioned at the  Cliqe list : 132 People you should be Following  Lots of people you really should be following and a few that I didn’t realize were on twitter.

And finally,  Remember that I am now coming to you weekly unless there is breaking news or a really cool interview happens. I would also like to say that I do say “we” a lot when talking about Geek Tech Live. but this podcast is all me myself and I. Its only one person and I welcome any and all comments or suggestions so go to and email me or comment on a post and help me make GTL better for everyone!


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Geek Tech Live : Geek Tech Live 51 IS9181 review PDFMyURL and 132 people to follow