3 month hiatus over

Ok people. C2E2 is officially over so I get to go back to work cranking out videos and reviews and other nonsensical stuff. Photos are skirling being worked on and will be posted soon to the site. Hope you all had a good last few months. The main focus of the show will be YouTube as the distribution channel and this site as the website view of the show. Lots to talk about. Lots to do! Lets get cranking!!!

GeekTechLive.com 108 Happy New Year! 2011 Now with Video?

Happy New Year everyone! I have been talking about branching out into video for a while and here is my first shot at it. If you like it let me know. I didn’t do anything fancy yet, I didn’t even use my green screen. If you like it, I will start posting the audio ( as usual) AND video for the show starting in January. So comment away! I am not an actor but I promise to get better in front of the camera. Really I do!

BTW… my parents always said I had a face for radio. 😉